How To Stay Motivated

At times motivating yourself can be difficult, whatever you're trying to motivate yourself to do. Everyone finds it difficult from time to time and we all feel demotivated sometimes. We can feel a little (or a lot) on the lazy side, sending us into a never ending spital of procrastination. So, here are some tips … Continue reading How To Stay Motivated

The Benefits Of Starting A Blog

Starting a blog can be scary and there's a lot to think about too. Blogging isn't an easy hobby either - it is very time consuming to say the least but rewarding at the same time. The benefits of blogging definitely out way the downsides of blogging and this is exactly what this post is … Continue reading The Benefits Of Starting A Blog

200 WordPress followers!

On the 10th August, which is two days ago whilst I am currently writing this, I hit 200 followers on WordPress which is crazy. I've only been blogging for 8 months and growing my blog has been a slow gradual process, but this is a big milestone. It's important to celebrate milestones! When I properly … Continue reading 200 WordPress followers!

13 Interesting Facts About Left Handers

Left Handers have a day all to themselves, August 13th, something which I've only known about for a couple of years despite being left handed myself. I think it's pretty cool that left handers have a specific day all to themselves. Now, there are quite a few interesting facts about being left handed (or about … Continue reading 13 Interesting Facts About Left Handers

5 Tips For Overcoming Writers Block

Whether your writing a blog post, a novel, or anything in between, we all will have experienced writers block at some point and it can be difficult to push through. Staring at a blank screen waiting for the inspiration to somehow hit you isn't going to help the situation. In this post I have a … Continue reading 5 Tips For Overcoming Writers Block


Change. Change can be good, or change can be bad. It's all dependent on the situation and the people involved. But, one thing that you can guarantee is that everyone experiences change in their lives. Whether that be changing jobs, changing schools, starting university and various other forms of change, it happens, that's life. Lately … Continue reading Change