5 Things That Blogging Has Taught Me

As I'm writing this blog post I have written and published 100 blog posts on this little blog post of mine. When I think about that, that's a little crazy to think about and put into perspective for someone who thought I would never be able to keep this up as a hobby, yet here … Continue reading 5 Things That Blogging Has Taught Me

Everyday Makeup Routine – Dry Skin

For today's post I thought that I would share my everyday makeup routine that I wear Monday to Friday every week. I know that wearing makeup doesn't do your skin many favours so on the weekends I make sure that I keep my makeup to a minimum if I am to go out and wear … Continue reading Everyday Makeup Routine – Dry Skin

The Sunshine Blogger Award

The other day I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by the lovely Livvy over at Seebreeze Corner which I'm very grateful for! You should definitely go and check out her blog after you've read this post. Let's start off with the rules for this award: Thank the blogger/bloggers that nominated you. Answer the … Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award

May Bullet Journal Start Up

After finding an inexpensive dotted journal from Wilko, check out my stationery haul for that post, I decided that it would be a good time for me to start my bullet journal. Or restart my bullet journal, should I say. During the summer of last year I set myself a bullet journal up but it … Continue reading May Bullet Journal Start Up

My stationery favourites

If anyone knows me well then they should know that I'm a big stationery fan. I absolutely love it. I'm constantly looking in Wilko, Ryman and Whsmith for stationery that I probably don't even need 99%j of the time. You could say that I'm stationery obsessed. In today's post I decided to write about some … Continue reading My stationery favourites

Is striving for perfection reality?

Perfectionism is an idealism that many of us strive for, whether we want to admit or not. This can be in the workplace, our personal lives, our appearance, or whatever it may be. Striving for perfection can be easy to get lost in, but it isn't an ideal that's realistic or achievable. Neither is it … Continue reading Is striving for perfection reality?

The Truth About Blogging

Since I've started blogging on a consistent basis (it's been over 18 months now) blogging has taught me many things along the journey. Blogging isn't always what it seems to be on the surface to other people who maybe don't blog. For this blog post, I decided to 'spill the tea', letting you into the … Continue reading The Truth About Blogging

Superdrug Haul

Over the past couple of weeks, I have accumulated a fair few products from Superdrug, enough products that I have now decided to compile them all into a list to share with you all. Some of these products are repurchases, but nonetheless, they are all worth mentioning in this list. I’ve already started using some … Continue reading Superdrug Haul