5 Personal Goals For 2017

5 Personal Goals For 2017.jpg

Every year most people make new year resolutions or goals for the next year. Most of the time, however, people don’t tend to stick with them. This next year I want to make my own personal goals, but I want to actually stick with them. It might be difficult but I suppose that’s the point. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and sticking to it, wouldn’t they?

So here we are with my 5 personal goals for 2017.

• To finish an original story

So on the site Wattpad I’ve started posting an original story as I’ve had the idea in my mind for a while now. Since I’ve only started writing it in the past couple of months I’m hoping to have it finished next year at some point, however long it takes me. (Maybe even get to 5ok words in the story too!) Clink the links for my wattpad profile and wattpad original story if you’re interested in reading it.

• Build self confidence/self esteem

All throughout 2016 my self confidence/esteem has been up and down and it’s honestly draining on an emotional level. In 2017, however, I want to make a real effort to take care of myself and boost my confidence and self esteem rather than damaging it (a bad habit of mine).

• Read more

Okay, so throughout 2016 I haven’t had all that much time to read due to A-Levels and studying getting in the way. This year I really want to make more time to read and at the same time procrastinate less! Two goals in one.

• Become healthier

People all around the world put this as one of their goals/resolutions each and every year or something similar to it at least. But this time around I am determined to become healthier, simply for my own benefit.

• Consistently post blog throughout the year 

For around a year or so now I’ve been on and off blogging but it’s only in the past month that I’ve properly got into it. In 2017 I plan to consistently post blog posts, even if it’s only once a week. It’s a way to express myself and something I really want to keep up as a hobby.

And there you go, those are my 5 goals for 2017. What are your goals for 2017? I’d love to know in the comments 🙂

I’d also like to say Happy Christmas since we’re only a day away now!


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One thought on “5 Personal Goals For 2017

  1. What kind of posts did you have in mind that I write referring to this one? I’d love to hear your suggestions!


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