Internet Friends Are Real Friends


Internet friends are, well, they’re friends that are made on the internet whether that be through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or any other social media for that matter. Although they are internet friends, they are still real friends for sure.

I dislike the term ‘internet friends’, however, but hear me out. I dislike the term because they still just friends, regardless of whether you met them online or in real life. Internet friends are real friends. You still connect with them, usually through mutual likes and dislikes or through fandoms. The bond that you create with them is very real and shouldn’t be easily dismissed, internet friends can go on to make some of the bestest friends.

It’s not a bad thing at all and I have definitely made my fair share of internet friends, mostly through Girls Aloud and Cheryl. Although I thank Cheryl for most of it since she was the one that I first discovered and fell in love with back when she first began her solo career.

Bonding with other people on the internet through common music interests for someone like me seems a lot easier than making friends in real life. After all, you already know that you have a common interest before you even begin talking which is an easy way to initiate conversation. Not only that but talking to people online in general seems a lot easier and less nerve wracking, especially for an introvert like me who prefers to express themselves through writing  (no matter how bad I may think I am).

For someone like me it just seems easier to connect with people online. But not just that, it allows you to connect and become friends with a wide variety of people who may come from different parts of the country you live in, or even the world for that matter. I guess you could say that it’s limitless in a sense.

An internet friend is still a real friend, regardless of what others may think and regardless of whether you’ve met in person or not. Regardless of these things, or any other factors for that matter, you still have that connection and bond, despite the fact that a screen and distance maybe keeping you apart more often than not. On some occasions, friends that are made on the internet can also be better friends than those friends that you may meet on daily basis at school, work or any friend that you’ve haven’t met online for that matter. That’s okay though, because like I said earlier, friends are still friends whether you met them online or not.

For me, the internet has been a great place to make friends, especially through my music interests. The few friends that I have made on the internet are some of my best and close friends. For that, I am very grateful and these people know who they are.

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