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I’m not the best writer, nor the best blogger, and neither do I get the most page views on my blog. Despite this it doesn’t stop me from blogging because writing is my passion. Even if I stopped writing/blogging for a while I’d still have a strong urge to come back and that’s how it should be. If not, then I wouldn’t realy have that much of a passion for it, right?

The main reason why I blog, despite the fact that I don’t get many views, is because it’s a way to express myself and to put myself out there. Despite the fact that I may not be the best blogger, nor writer, it’s still something that I enjoy coming back to, especially if I’ve had either a long or short break from blogging which I have done in the past.

Blogging, for me, is a way of simply expressing myself and my thoughts, whether they be personal or not whilst also sharing my experiences with other people. For example, like one of my previous posts on ‘Dropping Out Of University‘, ‘Letter To My Past Self‘ and ‘Why I Enjoy Being Introverted‘. I love the thought of helping and inspiring others through my blog, posts and experiences, even if a post just helps one, single person. Helping one person means the world and every person I may help or inspire after that is a bonus for sure.

I don’t just blog for others, however. I also blog for myself because it’s a way for me to escape. It can be a way for me to get my feelings out, even if I don’t post ones that are extremely personal just yet. Writing in general is a way for to escape and it gives me pleasure when I’m down. It allows me to articulate my thoughts and feelings whilst also allowing me to be myself.

So, although I may not be the best blogger or writer in the world it benefits me in a positive way; I can only hope it benefits others in a positive way too. That’s why I am determined to keep this blog up and running, even if I am occasionally inconsistent with my post because that’s okay. If I ever take a break from blogging then I will always come back to it after a short amount of time.

To put it simply, blogging is something that I enjoy will continue to do as a hobby (and would always do it for free) as another way to get my feelings out other than writing fiction.

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16 thoughts on “Why I Blog

  1. I love hearing the different reasons people blog as it’s such a personal thing! It is a really good way to escape and express yourself. I personally love it because I love connecting with new people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met (especially as I’m quite shy in real life!).

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  2. Nice to read why others blog. Sometimes I get away from myself and wonder why I do it myself and remember that personal expression is just as good a reason as any. I’m also inconsistent with posting. I try to do it once a week or when I can but life happens! Thanks for sharing this post!

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  3. Love this post ❀ For me it's not just writing it's creating a website that's is exactly how I want it to look and represent me. I can also incorporate my own graphics – which I really enjoy doing & photography I love taking pictures and playing around with angles and sets up etc. All of these variables make my website which is unique to me!

    hayley // hayleyxmartin.com

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