What Inspires Me To Write


Finding inspiration can be hard sometimes as a writer. We all find inspiration in different ways and I wanted share a few ways that inspire me to write and I hope that this helps you to find and search for inspiration too.

1. Music. This is one of my biggest sources for finding inspiration, especially for my fictional writing. It’s great for storyline inspiration or just generally fictional inspiration and it’s honestly just great all round. Spotify can be a great place for this as you can search for different playlists depending on the mood.

2. Reading. Whether it’s fiction or non fiction, such as reading other blog posts, it doesn’t matter. Reading can be a big help in terms of inspiration as it can spark a creative idea which may be turned into a whole blog post, even if it only starts off as a small idea. Other blog posts may also inspire a topic that you may want to talk about. Or, reading fiction can inspire a scene in fiction writing which you could incorporate into your novel. Reading definitely helps me to find inspiration whenever I’m lacking inspiration.

3. TV. Whether that be watching the news, documentaries or fictional programmes the TV is a great source for inspiration. The latest news can give you inspiration on a topic that not many people may cover in their blogs yet it’s something you’re passionate about. TV shows on the other hand can be the source of inspiration for a scene or little ideas in your fictional story. Whatever it may be, this is a great way to find inspiration.

4. Observing others. Being the introvert person that I am I enjoy observing others and the way they act, especially when people act differently in different situations. This can be a good source of inspiration to question behaviour that’s seen to be the norm or anything that springs to mind in that moment. This can be good for writing whether that be fictional or for blog posts in my opinion.

That’s all for today’s blog post and I hope that you find it useful in someway or another. Let me know if there’s any other ways that you try and find inspiration, I’d really love to know in the comments!

Have a good day ☺


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