Favourite Youtubers


Youtube is something that I watch on daily basis, even if I can only squeeze in a couple of videos to watch if I’m particularly busy. But it’s always something that I turn to, aside from writing, as it’s a great distraction from the daily stresses of life and responsbilities. For today’s post I thought that I would compile a list of 1o youtubers that I enjoy watching and are usually my go to people to watch on youtube.

1. Zoella – Zoella (also known as Zoe Sugg) is a British youtuber who tends to make beauty videos but also makes videos with her brother, boyfriend and other friends (the latter videos being my favourite). She’s honestly just a great and fun person to watch. I also enjoy watching Zalfie playing Sims 4 at the moment!

2. ThatcherJoe – ThatcherJoe (also known as Joe Sugg) has to be one of my favourite British male youtubers, hands down. I especially love his pranks on his roommate (or ex roommate now) Caspar Lee, I just always know that they’ll put a smile on my face! His impressions are also some of my favourite videos to watch.

3. MissFenderr – MissFenderr (also known as Alayna Fender) is a Canadian youtuber who’s bisexual (not that her sexuality is that relevant) but she’s also vegan too. I honestly love her videos – she’s posts various videos such as those on sexuality, positivity, mental health and videos relating to her sleep disorder with the odd beauty related video now and again. Definitely somebody that you should check out if you haven’t done already!

4. Ohhitsonlyalice – Alice Thorpe is a smaller British youtuber who also attends Lincoln University. She posts various videos such as those relating to beauty and university whilst also chatting about certain topics/experiences. Her videos are great and you should her out too.

5. The Gabbie Show – I’ve been subscribed to Gabbie’s channel for a long while but it’s only in the past couple of months that I’ve really been watching her videos and I honestly just love her videos.

6. Shane – Shane is probably most known now for his popular conspiracy theory videos and these are honestly one of my favourite videos to watch, even if some of the conspiracy theories that he mentions in his videos are outrageous.

7. Mark Ferris – Mark is another British youtube who I found through Zoe. I love it when Zoe and Mark are reunited because the vlogs are great!

8. SacconeJolys – The SacconeJolys are an Irish family who live in London and they have two children with one on the way (although if you’re reading this at a later date then Anna may have already had the baby by then). They vlog their family life daily and they are honestly enjoyable to watch. Not to mention that their two current children are adorable!

Who are your favourite youtubers? I’ll love to check some new channels out!


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