Cheryl And Happiness

Cheryl And Happiness

For Monday’s post I decided to write a spontaneous one. On Saturday (which is yesterday when I’m currently writing this) Cheryl and Liam both announced on instagram that they became parents to a beautiful baby boy. I am SO incredibly happy, not just for Cheryl but for Liam too.

Cheryl has had her fair share of stick in the media through articles and such. Journalists always wanting to pry into her private life.

This time, with her relationship with Liam and her pregnancy, was different though. She’s never officially announced her relationship with Liam, neither did she officially announce her pregnancy but pictures in the coming months definitely proved that the rumours were true.

I love the way she’s left the media speculating, but she’s also been able to announce the actual birth of her baby boy in her own way through an instagram post, without any media outlet getting this ‘exclusive’ news. She managed to get around them. It kind of reminds me when she outrun the paparazzi in six inches heels all them years ago!

Cheryl deserves to be happy though, she deserves all the happiness world. She doesn’t need people prying into her private life all the time. We’ve seen Cheryl go through a lot through and in the public eye too. Two divorces. Malaria. Things that are difficult enough for her, or anyone else for that matter, to deal with yet she went through it all in front of the public eye too.

Not to mention the body shaming whilst she was on X Factor. And now her relationship with Liam. I remember seeing the comments of her instagram being filled with dislike and disapproval from One Direction fans (although not all of them, of course). Some people simply didn’t like the age gap between the two of them, though there is no age gap to love.

After she announced the birth of her baby boy, however, I have to say that I have seen nothing but happiness and positivity towards her which makes a change. Despite all the negativity, she’s come out of the other end. She’s a strong woman who really doesn’t care, like her song ‘I Don’t Care’ says. Cheryl has never had an easy life to say the least but that hasn’t stopped her from achieving both her dreams and her happiness.

She’s in a happy and loving relationship with a man who adores her and now has a family with him, one which I’m sure will grow. A family is all that she ever wanted and now she has that with the man who makes her happy beyond belief. The age gap doesn’t matter, it’s clear to see that they make each other happy and happiness is a lovely thing to witness. Happiness is everything she deserves and more. Happiness is something that everyone is deserving of, no matter what.

Cheryl is a strong and genuine woman whom I’m glad to call my role model. If I can be as half as decent as she is as I grow older then I’ll be forever grateful. She’s definitely somebody that a young person can look up to and say, “well if she can get through it and become strong, so can I.

I’m happy that the two of them are starting a family together and the fact they both genuinely adore each other. Seeing her happy is all I’ve ever wanted because that’s all she deserves and Liam makes her happy, so that’s good with me.


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