My Top 3 Netflix Shows

My Top 3 Netflix Shows

For those who don’t know (and if you have been living under a rock), then Netflix is a place full of a variety of TV shows and films which you can stream on various devices such as your laptop, mobile, tablet, etc. It’s great for times when I’m feeling down and I just want to watch something that I know that I’ll enjoy. I have a few favourites and in this blog post I’m going to tell you my top three.

  • Stranger Things. This is a sci-fi type show which is set in 1983. I admit from reading the description that I thought that I would never like this. I never watch science fiction, the genre just doesn’t always appeal to me. But given the hype I decided to give it a shot anyone; after the first episode I was hooked. It’s definitely worth the hype and I’m excited for the second season!
  • American Horror Story. This is one of the first shows that I properly got into when I first got Netflix. I loved the first season, Murder House. In all honestly I love all the seasons but Coven has to be my favourite. Although I still need to finish watching Hotel. It’s great though and I highly recommend it if you haven’t watched it. That’s if you’re into horror, that is!
  • Riverdale. This show on Netflix was recommended to me and it was another one which I wasn’t sure whether I’d like or not. It’s an American drama whereby the small town surrounds a mystery of the death of Jason Blossom, who’s the twin brother of the popular troublemaker Cheryl Blossom. Obviously I recommend this too, it’s currently ongoing as I write this with new episodes weekly.

There you go, those are my top three Netflix shows which I recommend if you haven’t watched them already! I still need to watch Thirteen Reasons Why at some point to when I manage to get around to it.

What would your top three Netflix shows be?


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8 thoughts on “My Top 3 Netflix Shows

    1. I’ve tried getting on Orange Is The New Black before but I could never get into it! There’s so many good shows out there


  1. I’ve been wanting to watch Stranger Things but, wasn’t sure if I should. I’m definitely looking forward to watching it now! If you haven’t seen Black Mirror, you should consider watching that as well. It’s a really interesting series. It doesn’t follow any pattern so you can pick and choose which episodes to watch but, if you like American Horror Story, you like Black Mirror too.

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