It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

It's Okay Not To Be Okay

Everyone has times where they feel a little overwhelmed with certain things going on in their lives. I’m here to tell you that that’s okay. Feeling your emotions is okay even if the emotion is a negative.

Anger. Sadness. Frustration. Shame. Fear. Grief. Whatever the negative emotion, they are real emotions that need to be felt rather than bottling them up. Bottling up negative emotions is never good for anybody.

And that’s why I’m writing this post; as a reminder that it’s okay to feel these negative emotions as much as it’s okay to feel positive emotions. Both positive and negative emotions alike simply make you human after all. You’re not alone, ever.

Vent out that frustration to a friend by talking it out. Let out that anger through some sort of sport – whether that be the gym or exercising in your own room. Allow yourself to be sad rather than hiding it with fake happiness. Remember that other people who are close to you will be willing to take time out of the day to help make you feel better too. It’s okay to ask help as well rather than bottling up your emotions.

In the midst of all of this remember that self-care is also important which I already have a post on here if you want to check it out (hopefully it’ll be useful to you!). Despite negative emotions it’s still important to look out for yourself, your mind and your body.

Take care of yourself and remember, it’s okay not to be okay. You’re only human after all.

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24 thoughts on “It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

  1. The phrase “it’s ok not to be ok” has been on I’ve always turned to for comfort. For so long I felt like I was the only one who felt the way I did and that it was a sign of weakness, even now it can be hard to remember that it isn’t and like you say, it’s ok to not be ok xx

    Sophia xx

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    1. The phrase is a good reminder that not being okay is normal and that everyone experiences it. I agree, it can be hard to remember in the moment but it’s still a great reminder! Xx


  2. Completely agree with this! Everybody should let their anger out and not feel guilty for doing so. Why should we hide it in and let ourselves get to the point of wanting to explode? Nobody is happy 24/7. It’s okay to get angry now and again! xx

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  3. It’s really okay not to be okay. Sometimes, I think people forget that. They expect you to have it together all the time. This expectation burdens the mind and makes things worse.

    I guess we need to realize that a perfect life is a mirage!

    Nice post!


  4. Love your post! As a single mother I have a lot of “not okay” moments and sometimes just keep them bottled up. It’s so refreshing to hear that other people out there go through the same thing.


  5. This is great! Ties in so similar to a recent post I just did. I love the positivity message from this. Definitely one to bookmark and come back to.

    Chloe x


  6. This is a really sweet post and so important for people to hear. Some days as much as you want to be positive, a good cry is all you need. I know that when that happens with me, I often feel better for just letting it out. It’s like once it’s out, you feel a little more cleansed and refreshed. 🙂



  7. I needed this, it’s hard sometimes to not get down on yourself, especially when it just seems life is throwing challenge after challenge after you. I’ve tried my best to express my frustrations to those around me instead of bottling it up!

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  8. Love this!! In our house we always say: Its okay to have a breakdown, just don’t set up camp and live there. Cry it out & move on. All emotions are valid that is why we feel them ☺️


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