Mini Book Haul (May 2017)

Mini Book Haul(May 2017)

Back in January I received a £20 Waterstones gift card from my sixth form that I left last year which I wasn’t expecting whatsoever. Nonetheless I was very excited to spend it being the book lover that I am. Fast forward to last Thursday when I went to Preston to spend my gift card. It was either a choice of going to the Waterstones store in Preston or Manchester since those are the only nearest stores.

With the £20 I had to spend I knew that I could only get a couple of books (on top of those I still have yet to read and write reviews on) since Waterstones isn’t exactly cheap. Nonetheless, here is my mini book haul!

The first book I picked up from Waterstones was The Fire Child by S. K. Tremayne which is a thriller. As you may  (or may not) know, I’ve really been getting into thrillers in the past couple of years, you can check my blog post on what I look for in psychological thrillers specifically here.

The Fire Child is about a woman who seemingly has a perfect life as she moves to a beautiful house in Cornwall with her husband David gaining wealth, love and an affectionate stepson. However, her life begins to unravel when Jamie’s behaviour changes as he makes disturbing predictions. As time goes on, she becomes suspicious of her husband and suspects some truth in Jamie’s predictions.

This book is from the bestselling author of The Ice Twins which I read last year (I did have a book review on it when I wasn’t properly blogging, but I sadly deleted it.) I have high hopes for this book when I eventually get around to reading it since I really enjoyed The Ice Twins!

The second book I picked up from Waterstones was Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen which is a classic book. Although I’m not the biggest fan of classics, this one seems to be the most appealing to me because of the Gothic themes that run through it, especially after reading an extract of it last year in sixth form for English Literature.

Northanger Abbey is about a young, impressionable girl who has easily been influenced by novels of horror and intrigue. This in turn makes her imagination run away with her when she is invited to Northanger Abbey as believes what she has read.

I’m hoping that I’ll enjoy it since I’m reading it in my own time rather than for having to analyse it for an exam (which usually takes away the enjoyment from the actual book.)

The last book I picked up from Waterstones was Little Black Lies by Sharon Bolton. I’ve never read anything by this author before but it definitely intrigued me, especially with it being another thriller (what a surprise.)

This thriller is about a woman who’s two children were killed by her best friend through a moment of carelessness, causing a tragic accident. Living in a small community, it’s hard for her to escape the woman who destroyed her life as it’s a constant reminder of what she lost. Revenge seems to play on her mind as she feels as though there’s no reason to go on living.

Little Black Lies sounds like a gripping and haunting thriller and I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint. I’ll be sure to write a review on it when I get around to reading it.

I also got another book which was only released at the beginning of May which I didn’t buy from Waterstones – Into The Water by Paula Hawkins. With it being written by the bestselling author of The Girl On The Train, I have high hopes of it being a great read.

Into The Water is about a girl called Nel who supposedly jumped into the water and is now dead. But her sister, Jules, doesn’t believe that she jumped and is now dragged to the place that she hoped that she had escaped from for good. She now has the responsibility of caring for a teenage girl who was left behind by her sister. She’s afraid of many things, but mostly of the water, and the place they call the Drowning Pool.

Like I said, I have high hopes for this book since I enjoyed The Girl On The Train. It’s also written in the same format as The Girl On The Train with multiple points of views which makes it interesting too.

I hope you enjoyed this mini book haul, I’ve never done a book haul before.


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6 thoughts on “Mini Book Haul (May 2017)

  1. I’m so happy I found your blog! It’s so hard to find bloggers who write about thrillers haha & I need recommendations!! I’m obsessed with them and these sound amazing! I need to read into the water but I can’t stand hard backs so I’m having to wait for the paper back release and it’s killing me haha!!

    Jessica Jade

    Liked by 1 person

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