Favourite Blogging Apps


Favourite Blogging Apps(1)

Blogging apps are very useful in helping you alongside your blog. They make things easier for you in terms of promoting your blog and the posts that you’ve put the time and effort into.

Today I decided to share my favourite blogging related apps which may also be helpful for you.

Buffer. This has to be one of my favourite apps for blogging for sure, it’s really helped me with with scheduling tweets in for the next day. By scheduling tweets this has definitely helped with my blog traffic for sure!

GNotes. This is basically a note taking app and I honestly love it. I find it great for blog post ideas and writing out my blog content before putting it onto WordPress itself, rather than having to go through my drafts on my blog. Over the past few weeks that I’ve been using it I’ve found it very useful, but I guess that’s up to personal preference.

Twitter. If you have a blog and you don’t have twitter then you are seriously missing out. It’s great for the community and for finding new blogs!

Bloglovin. This is great for keeping up with blog posts, especially when they’re on different platforms such as Blogger, WordPress or self hosted blogs.

Pinterest. I’ve only recently started getting into pinterest but it’s great. I have still yet to build up my following on their, but I’m not expecting it to happen overnight. I love it for finding inspiration though!

WordPress. I use the app on my phone mainly for checking my stats really as I prefer writing my notes outside or WordPress beforehand.

That’s all got today’s post, I hope you’ve had a good day! What are your favourite blogging related apps?


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3 thoughts on “Favourite Blogging Apps

  1. [ Smiles ] I used to have the “WordPress” App on my smartphone when I had my “WordPress” blog (But, since I deleted my “WordPress” blog, I have no need for the App).

    In regards to a notepad application, I use “Natural Notes,” because it has a built-in word count and it is very lightweight; it doesn’t do everything like “GNotes” but I am satisfied with its simplicity.


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