Blog Worries

Blog Worries

This weeks blog post is inspired by a blog post that I read not too long ago by The Porcelain Doll on her blog worries. This gave me inspiration to my own post on my blog worries too, and here it is!


I worry about my writing in general when I’m writing fiction and this worry transfers to my blog posts. Doubting my own writing whilst also being a writer is the worst thing that I can do but at the same time, everybody has doubts every now and again about their abilities.

Despite my doubts and worries about how good my writing is, I continue to write anyway. Hopefully people enjoy my writing!


When I take my own blog photos for posts I always worry that they aren’t good enough. I don’t have the best phone in the world with the best camera quality, but I still question whether that quality is good enough for my blog and for others to see – especially since there seems to be such a big emphasis on photography as an attraction to your blog and it’s posts.

Neither am I the best at editing the photos I’ve taken. With the quality of my photos and my editing skills I worry that my photos don’t look great. I can only hope that my photos look somewhat decent! In the future, if I continue to blog and my blog continues to grow then I hope to invest in a camera but that’s not my priority at the moment.


One thing that I tend to worry about a lot when I’m blogging is whether people will find what I’m talking about interesting enough to read. Do people actually want to read this? Is this post long enough, or is it too short? It’s frustrating, but I guess with being a writer there will always be doubts, but I suppose that’s normal and everybody has their doubts now and again.

My blog worries may not go away, but I can only hope that they don’t damage my blog and my love for blogging. Blogging is a great hobby, despite how time-consuming it is, but I love it nonetheless.

Do you have any blog worries? Let me know in the comments!


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