Why I Want To Be An Author

Why I Want To Be An Author

According to twitter, today is National Writing Day as I am writing this post for the next day. And what better way to spend National Writing Day than to be productive and write a blog post related to writing. That is why, today, I have chosen to write about the sub topic of aspiring to be an author.

Now, I can remember that I wanted to be an author from a very young age. It’s all that I’ve ever really wanted to do, all that I have aspired to be (despite my own doubts from time to time). Despite my aspiration sticking with me until the present day, it’s still something that I have doubts about every now and again. At this point I started rambling on about self-doubt and I time that I almost gave up on a writing career, but I decided to write that in a separate blog post which I will link when I post it.

In all honesty, I’ve never thought that I’ve been a great writer. Everyone around me appear to be much better than I am, in my mind anyway. Although it can be intimidating, I’ve realised that there’s no point comparing yourself to others as a writer.

One of the main reasons that I want to be an author is to inspire other people. Even if I only inspire a handful of people then that is my goal complete in essence. It would be so heart warming to somehow be able to have an impact on one persons life, let alone have an impact on a handful of people or more. So, as much as I write for myself, I also have readers in mind at the same time. I write for potential readers as much as I write for myself.

Through being an author it’s also a great way to help people escape from their reality for a couple of hours, from whatever situation that they may be in. It allows them to delve into a fictional characters life and their situation rather than their own, and if someone can do that with my stories and characters that I’ve spent time creating then that would honestly be amazing. I would love that.

Writing is also a great escape for myself. I love getting stuck into an idea for a story and putting that idea into words, seeing the story come to life. Getting positive feedback on stories you right is also an amazing feeling. Knowing that people actually enjoy the work that you write is an incredible feeling and it keeps me motivated to carry on writing. It keeps my dream alive if you will, and it keeps me motivated to achieve this dream at some point during my life.

Being a writer is a great escape because it’s like therapy in essence. It allows me to express myself, my feelings and emotions through my writing. Writing is a way to express your emotions through storylines, characters, etc. It allows you to live vicariously through your own characters and therefore you can give your characters traits that you may not believe you have, such as confidence, and put them in situations that you may not have been in before. Writing for me is a great way for creativity and expression.

I want to be an author, and that doesn’t mean that I aspire to have the same success as an author like J. K. Rowling, for example. No. Even if I only have a small amount of success as an author, then I would be happy with that for sure. And any more success on top of that would be incredible.


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10 thoughts on “Why I Want To Be An Author

  1. Good luck following your dream! Comparing yourself to others and having doubts if you’ll ever be good enough seems to be an inevitable part of being a creative, but we should always chase these thoughts away 🙂

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