July Goals

I’ve written a couple of goal type posts for this blog as I’ve been trying to see what works best for me. At the moment I’m not sure whether I like writing goals on a monthly basis, or a quarterly basis. Although quarterly goals seemed to work, I thought it would actually be nice to try out monthly goals too, as suggested by a lovely blogger on twitter.

I’m not entirely sure how many goals I’m going to set, but I’ll see where the post takes us.

  1. First and foremost I really hope to finish Into The Water by Paula Hawkins which is a psychological thriller.
  2. Following on from the last post, I would also hope to write a book review on the book by the end of the month. Hopefully it will be a positive one on the whole!
  3. Another goal of mine is to progress with my original novel that I’m attempting to write. Hopefully I can get to around 20k/25k words where I’ll be almost halfway through my novel (fingers crossed).
  4. Stick to my blogging schedule. At the moment I have a schedule where I’m posting on Sundays, then also posting on either Wednesday or Thursday depending on what I feel like. Either way I want to keep up with two blog posts a week!
  5. Spend some more time in self-care. Self care is very important, yet it’s something that I’m not very good at. This month I hope to make an effort to take my own advice and improve on that in some way.
  6. Get outside more often. I love the outdoors but I don’t seem to get outside as often as I should or would like to.
  7. Reach 150-200 followers on WordPress. This might be a bit of a challenge but it’s good to set the goals high, right?
  8. Finally, I want to reach 1,500 followers on twitter.

Hopefully I’ll be able to achieve most, if not all, of these goals by the end of the month. If not, hey ho! At least I’ll be able to say I tried.

What are your goals for the month?


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4 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. I recently finished Into The Water and really enjoyed it!!
    And I’d love to write my own novel, have wanted to since I was a kid! So congrats, that’s so exciting! Xx


  2. Lovely blog, and Such a good Idea to write about goals. Gave me a little inspiration, thank you. Btw, what kind of novel are you writing?
    Sincerely Jennilyn Von Janzen 😘


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