Change. Change can be good, or change can be bad. It’s all dependent on the situation and the people involved. But, one thing that you can guarantee is that everyone experiences change in their lives. Whether that be changing jobs, changing schools, starting university and various other forms of change, it happens, that’s life.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about change, especially since a lot of change has happened for me in the past year or so. When you’re adjusting to a new change it can be very difficult because you’re so used to your normal, everyday routine. Depending on the situation you may feel a little lost and disorganised because you have to get yourself used to a new routine, a new environment, or whatever the case may be.

It’s not always easy to adapt to change depending on the situation and the person dealing with the change. To begin with, it can feel a little strange. During the adjustment period (however long that may be) it’s natural to feel out of place. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t feel even the tiniest bit out of place.

Sometimes a change in the situation can be for the best, even if you don’t view it that way at that moment in time. Change is a normal way to progress in life. If nothing ever changes in your life, then life just stagnates.

You never know whether change will be good or bad for you. But it can be worth the risk if you’re unhappy in your current situation. Life is all about taking chances. Don’t hesitate, go with your gut instinct. If it feels right, then go ahead and make that change. What’s stopping you? You are the only person in control of your own life.

I guess the point of this post is that change happens for a reason, whether that be good or bad. Nobody ever takes the same path in life and we all experience different things in different ways, sometimes at different points in our lives.

Why wait to make changes in your life tomorrow when you can do it today?


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