50 Blog Post Ideas

50 Blog Post Ideas

Trying to think of content to write on a weekly or daily basis isn’t always plain sailing – as content creators we all have days where we stare at a blank document and have no idea what blog post we want to write about. It happens to all of us at some point but that’s okay. Here is a list of inspiration for anybody who’s struggling out there in the blogging world, I hope you find something useful from this list!

  1. Favourite skincare products/skincare routine
  2. Current favourite beauty products
  3. Your favourite blogging tip/s
  4. Books/films/TV shows worth the hype
  5. Favourite Netflix shows
  6. Products worth the hype
  7. Host a giveaway/competition
  8. Things you couldn’t live without
  9. 10 things that make you happy
  10. 10 things you’re grateful for
  11. Q and A post
  12. Do you have a pet? Tell us about them!
  13. Facts about yourself
  14. Favourite blog posts of the month
  15. Favourite podcasts
  16. A tag post (get to know me, TMI tag, etc)
  17. How to stay motivated
  18. How you destress
  19. How do type stay creative/find inspiration
  20. How to stay organised
  21. What blogging has taught you
  22. Things to do when you’re sad
  23. Things to do on a rainy day
  24. University advice posts
  25. Tell us about your favourite bloggers
  26. Favourite instagram/twitter accounts
  27. One book you think everyone should read
  28. A book you didn’t get on with
  29. Book review
  30. What’s on your current reading list?
  31. Do you have a bullet journal? Share it with us!
  32. Your travel wishlist
  33. Favourite places to visit abroad/in your area
  34. A bucket list
  35. What is your dream job and why
  36. Monthly goals
  37. A list of your favourite motivational quotes
  38. Share your favourite blogging apps
  39. Do a beauty haul, fashion haul or any other kind of haul! (Like a book haul).
  40. Write a letter to your younger self
  41. Write a letter to your future self (and maybe set some goals for you to achieve).
  42. Teach people how to do something, such as starting a bullet journal for example.
  43. Share your opinion on a topic
  44. There’s nothing better than a good rant post either to get it off your chest!
  45. Write a holiday themed post, whether that be related to Christmas, Halloween or Easter!
  46. Share your achievements. If you’ve gained a milestone on your blog, celebrate!
  47. Advice on a specific topic, such as how you overcome writers block
  48. Let us know about your favourite celebrity and why
  49. Tell us about a recent concert you went to
  50. Or a celebrity that you’ve met!
  51. Write about an event you attended, such as a blogger event
  52. Review a film or TV show
  53. List your book or film recommendations

I hope this helps!


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