How To Prepare For Job Interviews

You’ve landed an interview after endlessly searching and applying for jobs on numerous job websites. Congratulations! Getting an interview isn’t always easy because of the vast amount of people they may apply and the fact that they’ve chosen to interview you shows that they must be somewhat interested in you as a potential employee.

Interviews aren’t an easy process and when it’s your first interview at a young age it is very nerve-wracking. In schools who constantly push academia and university as the best route to success, colleges and sixth forms rarely prepare you for the real world of job hunting and interview skills. But I’m here to help you out with your interview skills.

Plan your outfit, be prepared – Making sure that you have an outfit already prepared in advance and if you haven’t got an outfit prepared then you’ll need to prepare something. Outfit wise I would definitely recommend going overdressed rather than underdressed. This might seem common sense but your outfit and presentation can make a good or bad impression to a potential employer. For guys it would be recommended that you wear a smart suit. For girls a blouse, smart trousers/skirt, black shoes (not high heels) and a blazer if you wish.

Research the company – It’s important to research the company that you have an interview for beforehand because it’s likely that they will ask why you want to work for that particular company. That way you will be able to incorporate your research of the company into your answer about why you want to work for them.

Prepare for the interview questions beforehand – I would definitely recommend researching common interview questions, a good website that was recommended to me was The Balance Top 10 Interview Questions and Answers. Look through the questions and answers and change them to fit yourself.

Prepare for competency based questions – Competency based questions allow the employer to check that you have the right transferable skills and experience to fit the job, therefore it’s always good to have examples from past experience. If you don’t have any experience from work then draw examples from your education such as A-Levels. It’s best that your answers are formulated in four distinct phrases through the acronym STAR (Situation, Task, Action, Result). It’s really useful. In addition to all this make sure that you vary your examples and that they are fairly recent too.

Have your own questions prepared – At the end of the interview, you will normally get asked if you have any questions for the panel and it’s important that you have at least one question prepared. The interview is for you just as much as it is for the employer, so if there is something that you want to know more information about then don’t be afraid to ask.
Practice your interview answers – Practicing your answers will really help you to prepare you for the real interview. Whether you practice them on your own in your room, with family member informally or having mock interview with someone, it will to keep your answers fresh in your mind so you’re not thinking of your answers on the spot.

Have a good sleep – Having a good sleep the night before will make sure that your fresh and focused for the interview they day, whatever time your interview may be. A good sleep is important, you don’t want to be falling asleep in the interview!

Have a good breakfast – This is just as important as having a good sleep. Being hungry when you go into your interview will have a negative effect on you because you won’t be able focus properly on the interviewers are asking you and the answers you’ve prepared.

Plan your journey – Before your interview you should make sure you know where the location of your interview is and how you plan on getting there. It’s best to have a practice run beforehand so you know how much time to give yourself on the day to get there. Also, you should plan to arrive 10-15 minutes earlier. The last thing you want is to be stressed out because you don’t where you need to be.

Have you got any tips on how to prepare for interviews? Are there any other job/interview related blog posts you would like?


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