Meet My Cat

I’ve wanted to write a short blog post surrounding my cat for a while now but I’ve just never got around to doing it. This seems like the perfect time to talk about her on my blog.

Before we get into the post, below is a photo of my cat. Her name is Indy.

Now, my cat is from the RSPCA so when we first brought her home she was a nervous cat, but that’s expected. She would always find herself places to hide like under our beds. Also, she was already named by the RSPCA as Indy so we decided to keep her name the same rather than changing it!

Around this time two years ago was when we brought her home from the RSPCA which is crazy because it’s flown by. It feels like we’ve had her in our home for much longer but I definitely couldn’t imagine life without her or what life was like before we had her.


Before we brought Indy home I was never a huge fan of cats. Yes, I thought they were cute, but at the time I definitely preferred dogs over cats. Since she’s been a part of our household and home I’ve definitely switched to more of a cat lover which I never expected!

Now we have had her for a couple of years she’s very settled and comfortable around us all and with her surroundings. In all honesty she prefers my mum and I over anybody else in our house. She always enjoys being near me whenever I’m on my laptop and sleeps somewhere close by to me, it’s adorable and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Although Indy is comfortable around us she’s still wary of other people that she doesn’t know. Whenever she’s outside she’ll avoid other people and just do her own thing. I guess this is a good thing because she knows who to trust!

Either way she’s definitely a lot more comfortable than when we first brought her home which is great. It’s nice to know that you can give a pet who may not have had a great start in life an environment where they can relax and live a happy life with people who will treat them right. I know that in the future when I get my own place and want my own pets then I’ll definitely be going down to my local RSPCA centre.

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12 thoughts on “Meet My Cat

  1. Wow that cat is absolutely gorgeous! I love her tortoiseshell colouring. I think it’s a great idea to adopt too as you’re saving an animal from a life in a kennel.


  2. Aww she’s such a cute cat and I love the name Indy. I’m desperate for a pet but don’t have the time to look after one atm but when I’m older (lol I’m nearly 28) but when I’m more settled down I’m going to be running to the rescue centre xx


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