10 Things I Learned Before My 20th

It’s always good to reflect on the things that you have learnt throughout your life. Life is one big journey and we are constantly learning even if we don’t realise it. The lessons we learn help shape us into the people that we are in the present day.

Since I turn 20 under two months I thought it would be a good idea to reflect on the past couple of years and what I have learnt. I’ve seen other bloggers write similar posts to this at various different ages and I think that it’s such a great idea. In the past couple of years there’s been a lot of ups and downs but there’s also a lot that I have learned.

• Life is a journey, not a race. Everybody has their own path and if that path doesn’t work out for you then that’s okay, you just have to go down a different path.

• Following on from the last one, nobody is going to disappointed in you or ashamed of you for wanting to take a different path in life rather than sticking with what the majority of people your age are doing. Not everybody will support your decision but they don’t matter.

• Positivity is key. I’ve always known that a more positive mindset is great but getting yourself into a positive mindset isn’t easy. But once you get into a positive mindset you really do see the full effects of it and helps in situations such as in interviews and just general life. By having a positive mindset then positive things will follow. Trust me.

• Do things what make you happy and not others. You shouldn’t have to succumb to other people’s expectations of you – if something doesn’t make you happy then you’re the only person in control to change that, nobody else. It’s your life and you’re the one in control.

• Believing in yourself is so important yet so difficult. It’s not easy believing in your own talents and skills, it’s more of a journey and learning process. I’ve learnt to believe in myself more in my own writing and my own abilities which has really helped (along with a better mindset).

• What’s also important is to appreciate the little things which is something I’ve definitely learnt over the past couple of years. Especially when you’re close to losing someone. I’ve learnt to try and make the most of time with the people your close with because you don’t appreciate the small comforts until you no longer have it.

• Friends don’t always last forever, not even best friends. Sometimes you can be best friends with someone in high school for years but that doesn’t mean you’ll stay best friends when you go to college or sixth form. You form new friendship groups and you may gradually drift a way, that’s what I learnt. It’s natural and not all friendships last the test of time.

• Over thinking situations only makes you live the situation longer. It only prolongs your sorry, and guess what? In the end there’s usually nothing to worry about anyway. The worst case scenario doesn’t always happen and you’ll be fine in the end. Although this is something I understand and realise I’m still learning.

• Everything will turn out okay in the end, life will surprise you and take different paths/turns that you wouldn’t have expected.

• Its okay not to be okay. Feeling down is normal and everybody has their down days. Sadness is a human emotion that we shouldn’t be ashamed of at all. I also have a blog post specifically on this point here if you would like to check it out.

That is it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed it!


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4 thoughts on “10 Things I Learned Before My 20th

  1. I always try to remind myself that people all have their own journeys and life isn’t a race as well! Sometimes it can be tough though to not compare yourself to someone who’s chosen the same career path as you.

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


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