Do Blog Stats Really Matter?

Do Blog Stats Matter_In this day and age it is so easy to weighed down with numbers in various aspects of our life. Whether that be in terms weight, food and calories, or the amount of followers that we have on social media. An obsession with these kinds of numbers can be very unhealthy for us and our minds, in fact it is unhealthy. Today’s blog post is surrounding blog stats specifically.

Now, don’t get me wrong, blog stats are important. BUT they are only important to a certain extent. I love looking at my blog stats as much as the next blogger will. I love seeing my blog improve month upon month, even if it’s only by a small amount each month. I’m always celebrating on twitter when I hit a milestone, whether that’s reaching a certain amount of followers on my blog or reaching a certain amount of pageviews. It’s a great feeling knowing that people within the blogging community are enjoying reading your blog and the content you write.

At the same time blog stats aren’t the be all and end all. It can be so easy to get hung up on blog stats and I know this from personal experience. Blog growth can be important to some extent, but at the same time it can be demoralising when your blog stats are great one day and not the next. I’m constantly checking to see if my blog stats have gone up, even if it’s only by one view and comparing how well my blog is doing from week to week. It’s definitely not a good habit yet at the same time I want to see my blog improving.

From time to time it’s good to take a social media break and a break from blogging itself. We shouldn’t get too bogged down in blog stats. We all started blogging for many different reasons and sometimes it can be easy to forget that, so remember why you started blogging in the first place. It most likely wasn’t for the money and the free gifts, that’s for sure. Blogging is something that we do, and continue to do, because we enjoy it. It’s okay to take a break from blogging now and again – at the end of the day your mental health is important.

Do blog stats matter? Yes and no. They matter in the sense that you’re able to watch the growth of your blog, but at the same time it’s easy to let yourself get hung up on blog stats. If your blog stats aren’t as great one week or month then that’s okay – you shouldn’t let some numbers demoralise you from something you enjoy.

I know that this month hasn’t been great for myself in terms of attracting people to my blog, which I find difficult because I really do want to continue to improve my blog month upon month and numbers is a good way to measure growth. As much as I am annoyed at myself for my lack of consistency and organise to post I now realise that my mental health and self care come first. I cannot force myself to blog if my mind isn’t in the right place – it’s important to take a step back sometimes, despite wanting to challenge and push ourselves further.


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16 thoughts on “Do Blog Stats Really Matter?

  1. I tend to do this a lot as well and have realised how unhealthy it actually is. Our blog stats can’t be amazing everyday and that is just something we need to be okay with instead of becoming demotivated every time we see low stats! Taking a break from blogging is definitely a great way to refresh your mind. Great tips! x

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  2. I couldn’t agree more with this! While I care about stats and seeing my hard work pay off, I try not to get obsessed or upset whenever life gets in the way of me being super organised and consistent with my blog. Mental health always comes first for sure:)

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  3. Loved this- I became a bit obsessed for a while and then remembered I’m writing because I enjoy it not because it’s a competition 🙂


  4. Stats can be both motivating and demotivating. I look from time to time but try to focus on other blog related things instead ☺️. Twitter is the worst for this. If you lose a couple of followers this can be a bit discouraging too. Just got to stay positive and appreciate what you have 😍. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 😘 xx

    Bexa |

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  5. I think this is always one of those debatable subjects – As much as I like to tell myself I don’t get about stats and I blog for fun, I find it frustrating when I work really hard on a post and no one reads it. I’ve been trying to focus on my own stats and not compare myself to the ‘bigger’ bloggers out there and that’s definitely helped! xx

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  6. I loved your intro to this post and the rest is just as good! I love getting good stats, it makes me happy but I think you’ve definitely got to not let it get to you if they’re not great! Good post babes xx


  7. Completely agree! I’ve only been blogging for 2 weeks and refreshing the stats have almost become an obsession! Hoping that as I get busier working in the next few weeks it’ll give me the chance to take a step back from the numbers 🙂


  8. I think this is a thing we all do even if it’s not right, I admit I’ve had periods of my life where I get a bit obsessed with the numbers but I quickly notice it and take a small break. Amazing post by the way! xxx


  9. I feel like stats are sometimes the bane of my life and other times its so rewarding seeing a big amount of pageviews, of course they matter to know if people like your content but i dont think they’d ever stop me from not blogging!


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