Favourite Foundations

I have a few foundations in my makeup collection that I love that I’ve never shared on my blog before. I’ve seen others write similar posts to this and I love reading what other people’s favourite foundations! Before we get into this post I would like to mention that all of the foundations that I’m about to mention are from Superdrug so they’re definitely on the more affordable side.

Rimmel London Match Perfection

This foundation has honestly been my favourite for the past two years or so. The lightest shade is almost a perfect match for my pale skin and I like the coverage too. It’s definitely one of my every day foundations.

L’Oreal Infallible Stay Fresh Face Foundation

This foundation is also up there with my top foundations. Although, admittedly, this foundation is a little on the light side, it’s still a great foundation all round. I’d say that the coverage is better than the Rimmel foundation which is great, but I still love them both just as much.

The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation

This is more of a recent discovery, and by recent I mean I discovered it a couple of months ago. The colour matches me pretty well, I use the shade Chelsea Porcelain, and the coverage is more on the light side in my opinion. It’s great for every day use and makes my skin look great!

For reference, my skin type is normal/dry and sometimes textured in places but all of these foundations seem to work well with my skin.

What are some of your favourite foundations?


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4 thoughts on “Favourite Foundations

  1. I’m really liking the Estée Lauder Double Wear with their ‘The Smoother’ primer at the moment.

    Whenever I’ve worn foundations previously it’s always melted off before the end of the day or the end of an evening out whereas, with this one, I get a little shiny (as usual) but when I dab it away, it removes the shine with virtually none of the foundation.

    Plus when I used the Primer everyone kept asking me if I was doing something different because my skin looked a lot better. Nope, just covering up the imperfections, but hey whatever works 😂👍

    The only downside are the tears from my bank account when it’s time to repurchase (thankfully they both last a decent amount of time!)

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