What Being An Introvert Means To Me

BLOG2It’s easy to stereotype all introverts into one box and assume that we all share the exact same characteristics and traits, when in fact you couldn’t be more wrong. The main assumption about introverts is that we are all shy which couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, I must admit that there will be some introverts that may be shy, but not all introverts are shy.

So, what does it mean to be an introvert? Generally, an introvert is someone that is drained by social encounters and we gather our energy through solitary time. Introversion does not equate to shyness or social anxiety as commonly misunderstood. Neither does this mean that we are unsociable beings. Although we may be drained by social encounters, this doesn’t mean that we hate people or social interaction either, it simply means that we need some time to recharge our batteries.

My introversion may be different to someone else’s introversion. We aren’t clones of each other and none of us will experience introversion in the exact same way as each other. So, what does my introversion mean to me? As an introvert I enjoy my alone time and recharging my energy alone (or in the company of others, but in peace). This might come across as unsociable to others, but that’s not the case at all! I’m just simply drained and need to get my energy levels back up before taking part in social interaction again.

In a way I sort of fit into the stereotype of an introvert in the sense that I can be quite shy at times. But shyness is a characteristic that I feel as though I’m growing out of as I grow as a person. The more I’m beginning to grow as a person, the more confident I’m becoming too. You see, introverts can be confident too. Unlike the stereotype, I do enjoy being sociable too, I don’t like being alone all of the time. I’m just not the most talkative person, I’m more of a listener.

As much as I am a sociable and friendly person, I’m definitely the type of person that’s very closed off. I’m never the type of person to open up about myself straight away, at least not until comfortable with people.

I’m also the type of person that hates small talk and I personally don’t understand how people enjoy it if they do. Personally, I’m more of a listener and I enjoy listening to other people talking about themselves rather than talking about myself. I guess it’s because I dislike the attention being on my, being the centre of attention is honestly like hell for me and I’m sure that there are other introverts feel the same way as me. I also hate attention being on my at times when I’m evidently upset, I would rather just not talk to people until I’ve managed to compose myself.

I could go into a lot more detail about myself, my personality and introversion but this post would be very lengthy, there’s so many little things that I could talk about, and the last thing that I want is a lengthy post. If we were to go off Myers-Briggs 16 personality types then I definitely seem to fit the most with ISFJ – Introverted (I), Sensing/Observant (S), Feeling (F), Judging (J).

Do you know what personality type you are?


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18 thoughts on “What Being An Introvert Means To Me

  1. I just had to do the Myers Brigg test after reading this, apparently I am an Adventurer (ISFP-T) ! It’s good to see someone write about being an introvert and explaining it well! I get SO tired after a small amount of time in social situations.

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  2. I’m an INFJ, but I totally get what you mean. I’m not a particularly shy person (anymore) but people still think I am because it takes me some time to get to know people. The same with recharging. If I work a long work day (I work with customers) by the end I’m usually in a crabby mood 🙂

    Great post!


  3. I’m really enjoying reading posts by other introverts, I like learning from others, as it may help me further down the track. My INFJ personality type is: Architect

    Enjoy the weekend everyone😃👋🏻


  4. “Introversion does not equate to shyness or social anxiety as commonly misunderstood. Neither does this mean that we are unsociable beings.” THIS! So many people misinterpret and think it’s basically a synonym for shyness! That’s a lovely post, really enjoyed reading it. I can relate so much! Thank you for sharing ❤️

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  5. You summed this up so perfectly! I’m personally not an introvert, but I know many who are. Where did this introvert = socially awkward/unsociable have to come from?! So untrue!
    I love your truth and honesty in your post!


  6. Interesting post! I think personality traits can be fluid and as you say in the blog, one can grow and become more confident. You could do the test in another year or so and be perhaps get a different outcome. (I’m an ISTJ).

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  7. I am ISTJ (introverted Sensate Thinking Judging) plus I’m a quadruple Virgo (4 planets in Virgo). I really resonate with what you’ve written. In person I don’t like one bit to be in the “limelight” and often am exhausted because I interact in the workplace intensely with others, supporting them, then have to really take time out and relax and recharge myself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts …. also I am not really shy, so I’m very happy that you mentioned introverts are confused sometimes as being shy, when they are not necessarily so.


  8. I am an introvert. I think I am the only one in my family who is. It is hard for them to understand that when I am in a huge group or crowd….it drains me and I need to go home after the concert (instead of the bars) to get recharged !. I do like small talk though ….after I get to know you well. I am pretty quiet and I think awkward around strangers and it takes me awhile to open up. I have had quite a few people say “she is so cute, but so stuckup” I use to be shocked when people said that because I didnt think (and still dont) that I am stuckup. I feel like I am very approachable. I just dont go out of my way to talk to others and my quietness I guess is confused with not caring to talk to others when that isnt the case at all. I am an observer as well. I would rather observe a conversation then actually be a part of it sometimes…..if that makes sense. I do like to be around people though! I get bored easily…I wish people understood introverts better

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