Vitamin E Range Review

Having tried a couple of products from the Vitamin E range that’s available in Superdrug, I thought that it would be a good idea to write a quick blog post on my thoughts of these products. Although I’m not the best at keeping to a skincare routine, these products have definitely become a staple within that!
The first thing to mention about the Vitamin E Range in Superdrug is that they are inexpensive compared to other ranges, such as that of No7 which I have tried out before. The Vitamin E products range from £2.99 to £4.99 which isn’t bad at all if you ask me! Another bonus about the Vitamin E Range is that they are also vegan friendly which is great.

The first product that I have been using is the Vitamin E Serum which has a pump with it making it easier to use. At first, I wasn’t sure on this product the first few times that I used it, but I soon came to the conclusion that it was because I wasn’t suitable for use underneath my makeup. Instead, I switched it up a little bit and just used it at night rather than in the morning, avoiding using it underneath my makeup. Since then I’ve been absolutely loving it!

The next product that I’ve been loving from this range is the Vitamin E SPF15 Moisturising Cream which is what I’ve been using underneath my makeup practically every day to work since I bought it. It’s definitely up there with one of favourite moisturisers, it’s a bonus that it also has SPF in it too! It definitely helps my makeup to stay on all day as best as possible, and it’s also great for dry skin too. I would 100% recommend it, especially if you have dry skin. One thing I know for sure is that I’m going to have to try out their night cream at some point too once the one that I’m currently using runs out!

The final product that I’ve been loving from the range is the Vitamin E Eye Cream which I bought more recently than the other the other two products, but I’m enjoying nonetheless. I’ve never bought myself an eye cream before, this is the first one that I have purchased due to how inexpensive it is compared to other drugstore products, but it does the job and I also like how it’s light and non-greasy too. So far I’ve been using this product mainly at night time since I don’t have much time to use it in the morning.

Overall, I’m pretty impressed with these products considering their price. As I am writing this post Superdrug also have an offer whereby if you buy one product, you get the second product half price on the selected skincare products which is even better. These are products that I would definitely re-purchase in the future as they are so inexpensive – I’m also eager to try out other products in their range!

Have you tried out the Vitamin E Range from Superdrug before? If so, what were your thoughts on them?

* Disclaimer – This post is NOT sponsored in any way, all opinions are 100% honest.


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11 thoughts on “Vitamin E Range Review

  1. I’ve tried the serums from the Superdrug Simply Pure and Calm Skin Range and both pill mildly under makeup so clearly that’s not their strong point but they’re so cheap and nice in the evenings that I would still happily repurchase them! X


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