My stationery favourites

If anyone knows me well then they should know that I’m a big stationery fan. I absolutely love it. I’m constantly looking in Wilko, Ryman and Whsmith for stationery that I probably don’t even need 99%j of the time. You could say that I’m stationery obsessed. In today’s post I decided to write about some of my favourite stationery pieces that I love and share them with you, so I hope you enjoy!

Firstly, let’s talk about my favourite pens. At the moment I’m loving the Bic cristal pens in black because they’re so easy to use. I also bought some of the ‘fun’ one recently which I also love, the purple is my favourite especially.

Other pens that I’m also a fan of are these papermate pens. They’ve been my favourites for years, but I think the bic cristal pens are taking the top spot at the moment.

A fountain pen that I love is the Lamy Safari fountain pen in yellow. Although I don’t use this pen often, it’s definitely a firm favourite of mine which I’ve had for years now. Being left handed does make it that bit more difficult to write with a fountain pen because it’s easy to smudge the writing and it can get messy because of that! Can anyone else relate to this?

A pack of fineliners that are also a firm favourite of mine are the Staedler pens. I love the colours, I love how fine they are, and they’re so easy to use. I love using these to make things look more colourful. I recently had to buy a new pack of these.

When it comes to highlighters my favourite brand has to be these Staedler ones. They’re my all time favourite and I won’t buy any others. I love highlighting and making things look nice, who doesn’t?

I’m also a sucker for a good notebook every once in a while. Who doesn’t love a new notebook, right? I have a dozen notebooks and pads that a practically empty and I’ve abandoned simply because I don’t use them often enough or I don’t know what to use them for. This is the notebook I’m currently using and I’ve basically turned it into a work diary/planner which I use every day. (Excuse the fact that I have a McDonald’s coffee sticker stuck on the front!)

Do you consider yourself to be stationery obsessed? If so, what’s your stationery favourite?


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7 thoughts on “My stationery favourites

  1. Yes I am a stationary addict. I have so many notebooks and they’re probably too pretty to write in 😂 I’m left handed but have not had trouble with a fountain pen. I have a gorgeous Welsh/Celtic one but it keeps drying up so I use one of the many pens I’ve bought from The Works which is great for stationary and I have found my perfect pens there ( i also work there which is bad cos I have a book and stationary addiction and guess what they sell? Lol) i love paperblanks books and gothic notebooks and have a mixture of cheap and expensive notebooks. I have run out of room for my books and stationary.


  2. I love stationery! One shop I go to all the time is Typo (you may not have it where you are) but it’s the best place to buy stationery and other desk decorations.


  3. I love a good Bic blue pen. I enjoy an array of notebooks. Love a reporters pad though for my shorthand notes as it’s easier to flip the pages. Highlighters and post it notes too!!


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