May Blog Favourites

May Blog Favourites

I’ve previously written posts like this in the past and promised to make it into a monthly series, something which simply didn’t end up happening. The only excuse that I have for not doing this is due to a lack of time, but I really do want to make this into a monthly series on my blog because I love sharing love and appreciation for some of my favourite posts that I’ve read! Previously, I’ve done this in August and in September if you want to give those two a read after this post.

Before I make this intro too long, let’s get into the blog post!

The first blog that I would like to share with you is 4 ways to increase your blog traffic through twitter. This is a super useful post and informative post for those who are looking to increase their blog traffic through twitter! Personally, twitter is my favourite platform to promote my posts and interact with other bloggers. I would definitely recommend checking out this post.

If you ever need inspiration for props to use for flat lays then the next post that I’m going to share with you will be right up your street. The next post that I would like to share is 12 flat lay props every blogger needs by Bexa. If you’re struggling for inspiration then this is definitely the post for you!

Have you ever wondered about the kind of skills that you develop whilst blogging? Then look no further than this blog post by Abigail on 4 skills you develop as a blogger. It’s great to think about the variety of skills that you gain and improve upon simply by blogging, there’s a lot more to blogging than people might realise! The skills you develop through blogging, even if you’re only blogging as a hobby, are definitely invaluable!

Blog posts that I personally enjoy reading about at the moment are those that involve learning to drive, so if that’s something that you’re interested in reading to then I have the post for you. This blog post was written by Alice on Learning to drive, I enjoy reading people’s experiences of leaning! In her blog post she also gave some tips and tricks to pass your driving tests which I’m hoping will be very useful for me too.

If you’re a blogger and you’re wondering if the recent GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) that have come into place on the 25th May affect your blog or not, then this post is here to help you out. Gwennan has written a post on GDPR and what it means for bloggers over on her blog, a super useful and informative post for those bloggers who are confused and unsure on this particular topic! It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re still unsure.

That’s all that I have for today’s post, I hope you managed to find something useful out of this post. You should definitely check out the blog posts that I’ve included in this post if you haven’t seen them already!

Let’s show some appreciation in the comments –

Who has been your favourite blogger as the moment?


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17 thoughts on “May Blog Favourites

  1. Thanks for sharing this lovely. What a lovely way to spread the love for other bloggers!
    I know what’s it’s like being super busy and trying to keep up that blog. Haha. So far, *knock on wood* I’m proud that i’m getting more consistent.
    I have too many fave bloggers to share LOL!
    But some are and
    These are lovely ladies who’s writing I enjoy very much.
    Rose –


  2. What a lovely idea for a post! I really enjoyed this and will definitely be checking out some of those posts. I’m not sure what I would pick: I’ve read some really great posts recently. Too many to chose from!


  3. Ooo, I love these types of posts!
    I’m so glad you found the twitter post helpful! Also, I see some quite useful posts on here that I will be checking out! Thanks for sharing! xx


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