20 LGBTQ Blog Post Ideas

If you didn’t know then June is the month of Pride which is something that I want to celebrate on both my blog and social media accounts because it’s incredibly important for the people in the LGBTQ+ community. For the first post related to LGBTQ+ I wanted to collate some blog post ideas relating to this very topic. I know how popular blog posts ideas are and I enjoy gaining inspiration from them myself, so I thought why not do an LGBTQ+ related version? I’m hoping this will help anybody who is part of the LQBTQ+ community and wants to blog or is struggling for ideas.

1. How you came out

2. Misconceptions about your identity

3. Your favourite lgbtq+ youtubers

4. Your favourite lgbtq+ bloggers

5. Your lgbtq+ inspiration(s)

6. An lgbtq+ playlist

7. Your favourite lgbtq+ books

8. Your favourite lgbtq+ authors

9. Your favourite lgbtq+ musicians

10. Experience of a Pride event you’ve been to

11. Lgbtq+ related Q&A post from people that follow you!

12. Discuss lgbtq+ representation in the media

13. Discussing labelling and defining your own sexuality

14. Why Pride is still important in 2018

15. Talk about dating and your experiences

16. An honest chat about your sexuality

17. How you discovered your sexuality

18. Your lgbtq+ tv show/film recommendations

19. Your experience before and after coming out

20. Advice for people that haven’t come out yet

There’s 20 lgbtq related blog posts ideas for you to get your inspiration going. I hope that this blog post is helpful to at least one person in some way! I’d love to know if anybody takes inspiration from any of these ideas.


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