How I Track My Blog Stats

Blog stats aren’t the be all and end all, if you have low blog stats one day, week or month then that’s okay, as long as your still enjoying the blogging process. However, it is nice when you see your blog making progress and the best way to track progress and by tracking the stats for your blog. Slow progress is always better than no progress, that’s how I like to think anyway. For today’s blog post I thought that I would share with you how I like to track my blog stats and hopefully it will be helpful to some people.

Using an Excel Spreadsheet

One of the first ways in which I do this is through having a spreadsheet specifically for my blog stats on my laptop which I try to update on a regular basis. In the first sheet of I have my monthly views, as you can see below. On the top I have the months and on the left hand side I have split it up into years as well. On the far right hand side I have created a little section that has my overall yearly views for each of the years as well as the total views for my blog. The yearly views and total views update themselves when I update the monthly boxes because I’ve made them into formulas.


In the second sheet within this is what I’ve called my annual stats. In this I’ve split my total posts, total likes, total comments and total words for each year. For each of these I’ve also added an average simply out of interest. On the far right hand side I have also got a ‘total’ section which is because my all time stats of each of these.


All of these stats that I have in my spreadsheet can be found on the stats page within wordpress, the desktop version is best to find these. The annual stats can be found by going to the ‘Stats’ page followed by the ‘Insights’ page on the desktop version on From here, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find them under ‘Annual Site Stats’. You can click on this to find more detail on your stats on a yearly basis.

Bullet Journal

The next way in which I track my blog stats is through my bullet journal. This is only a recent thing since I’ve only be bullet journalling for the past month, but I’m liking it so far! In my bullet journal I have a blog stats section incorporated in each my monthly calendar as you’ll be able to see below. I’ve included in this stats for my Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, monthly views and all time views up until that point. I fill these in at the end of the month.


Do you track your blog stats?


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22 thoughts on “How I Track My Blog Stats

  1. I do almost the smae thing with the bullet journal idea, I have a monthly stats part on my diary which i record my monthly results . I love keeping a record of what my blog acheives xx


  2. Great tracking ideas! I don’t really track mine as they are always there to compare on the WordPress app, I do sort of track them in a monthly blog post though!


  3. I love these suggestions Ashleigh! 💖 The Excel spreadsheet is great to see everything at a glance and especially cool as you have previous years to compare to. I don’t track my stats but might start after a year so I can compare yearly progress. Fab post and thanks for sharing 😘 xx

    Bexa |


  4. Love the idea with a bullet journal! I have always wanted to start a bujo but not sure on what, and now I have a great idea! Agree with you though, stats aren’t everything. But the way you’re keeping track of it is so organized and it’s easy to see the trend through days/months/years! Good tips! x

    Jesica |


  5. I love your spreadsheet layout for tracking your stats, it’s super useful to see your stat’s improve this way. I also have a spreadsheet but I’ve made it far more complicated than it really needs to be so I’ll definitely be taking inspiration from your layout and incorporating it into mine so it’s not so chaotic. Thanks for sharing such useful tips.

    Emma x


  6. I don’t track any of my stats, although I probably should.. 😂 I’ll keep these ideas in mind for the future when I eventually begin to do it myself!


  7. That spreadsheet looks like a great way to track stats although I haven’t used a spreadsheet since school so I don’t think I’d have a clue how to set it up! I usually just check back on my WordPress for my stats I don’t record them anywhere but I might start!

    Jess //


  8. The bullet journal is a great idea dol – I hate spreadsheets but I think you got to do what works for you! I don’t really look at stats yet as the new blog is new 😂😂


  9. I never used to record my stats, even though I’ve always been interested and focused on them it I added a stats section into my journal at the beginning of the year where i can track my progress from month to month and I’m really enjoying that! xxx


  10. You are so organized wow! Great post!! I usually track my stats through the wordpress app.


  11. I really need to incorporate these in to my blogging routine, I actually never record my stats! I simply look at the WordPress stats that they have but I like how you have a bullet journal! Great tips! 🙌🏼


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