How I Organise My Blog Content

Last Friday I wrote a post on how I tracked my blog stats which you can check out after this post. From this I also had the idea to write a blog post on how I also organise my blog content as I thought that this is something that people may also be interested in reading. With having a full time job alongside keeping my blog running I have to be somewhat organised in order to post consistently and improve on my blog. Although we’re only a week into the month as I currently write this post, I definitely feel as though I’m managing to keep my blog organised! Let’s get into the blog post.

Excel Spreadsheet

Similar to the way I track my blog stats I also try to track the blog content that I post in a spreadsheet in Excel. In this spreadsheet I have organised the content that I have published by year and then by date. I have a separate sheet within the spreadsheet for each year. Within each sheet I have the title of the post, the link to the post and the date that it was published on my blog. This works for me as I am then able to see what blog posts I have written previously and when.


Within the same spreadsheet document I also have another sheet for content ideas, although I don’t really use this as often.

Bullet Journal

Another way that I keep track of my blog content is with my bullet journal. In my bullet journal I currently have two pages in there where I’m managing all of my content ideas. If I’ve written and published the blog post then I mark it as complete. Once I run out of these two pages I’ll probably add more to the next space available in my bullet journal.

I also manage the content that I’m going to post within my monthly calendar as you’ll be able to see below. I’ll write the blog post title in the date I plan to post it by which helps me to keep track of my ideas and when I want to ideally post them. I like doing this because it allows me to visually see what blog post is going up when so that I can write it in time and take photos for it in advance.

Recently what I’ve also started doing is going through my older blog posts which are slightly cringe in my opinion. With some of them I’m thinking about updating and creating a new blog post for them as I’m not happy with how they are. For this I have decided to create another page in my bullet journal for these and when I’ve completed them then I’ll mark them as such. Hopefully this will be a good way to make sure that the posts I have on my blog are ones that I’m happy with.

How do you plan/organise your content?


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43 thoughts on “How I Organise My Blog Content

  1. I’ve also just discovered the joys of an excel spreadsheet in terms of planning content, but I’m not very good at getting as organised as you are. I keep thinking of going back to old content and revamping it a bit but I’m never sure whether to do it or not, so you’ve inspired me here!


  2. Love the excel idea, currently I just write everything down in a notebook in any old order!


  3. I wish I was as organised as you I literally write a few ideas in my notebook and that’s about it!

    Jess //


  4. I love the look of your bullet journal! I wish I could say I even organise my blog somehow but I don’t 😂 I’ve got a notepad with all of my random scribblings in but that’s about all I can do!


  5. I have just started using my bullet journal to help plan my blog content. Will definitely be trying out some of your tips!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


  6. What a neat post! So far I’ve just been writing down my ideas in a google doc bullet point style. I want to do more to help get more organized and set up a more consistent schedule though. I never though bout using excel as a resource before, I love how you have it set up.


  7. Brilliant ideas! I have an Excel doc with comment tracker, pot schedule, queued tweets and a twitter chat schedule!

    Rachel ||


  8. This is so awesome and so organized! Definitely takes a lot of work but I’m sure it makes things a lot easier! Thanks for sharing!


  9. Wow, thats some proper organizing girl! Very helpful post. I have different channels to keep track of mine. At work i usually have a google drive document open to just quickly write something into it when ideas strike and it is quiet.
    On my phone I keep track of things with the app evernote. And I have a word document. I all update them. 🙂
    Rose –


  10. Oh my. You’re so organised. I used to be, but now I have a small child I’m just winging it all the way!
    Tracy @bloggerbythesea x


  11. Gotta admit I don’t plan my content. If I have to stick to a schedule I’ll lose my mind 🙂
    Do you use any particular websites or apps to track your blog stats (apart from the regular WordPress stats)?

    Thanks for your tips
    Love xx


  12. Ooh I did a post like this a while back, it definitely needs updating now! I would really like to keep a bullet journal but I just don’t think I have the patience haha! I love your idea of having a monthly calandar with all your upcoming posts, that would be handy to give a quick overview of your schedule 🙂 x


  13. This beyond helpful for me. I’m THE WORST when it comes to organising my content.. it’s just all over the place, and in like “well no wonder I can never find anything.” My laptop in general is messy and needs organizing. I love the spreadsheet idea!! It just looks so nice and motivates me! The bullet journal is great to! Thanks for sharing, Ashleigh!


  14. What a great idea! You are so organised!
    I have definitely taken some tips on board from this post.
    Thanks for sharing!


  15. organisation + blogging… two of my favourite things put into one post! thanks for the ideas – i’ve been stuck at how to approach organising my blogging stuff since starting last month and this has really helped.

    jess |


  16. I just started using my Bullet Journal for my blog content, it helps so much. I have been using One Note but it looks like your Excel spreadsheet works way better. Thank you for this great post.


  17. This is exactly the type of blog post I’ve been looking for! I’m currently experimenting with organizing my blog planning in my bullet journal and so far it’s going pretty well. Seeing pictures of how other bloggers format their Collections helps a lot!


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