5 Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Twitter

2018-05-30 03.11.14 2.jpgSocial media is definitely an important part of blogging in order assist your blog getting seen by others and driving more traffic to your blog. For me, I have found twitter to be the most useful of these to get my blog posts ‘out there’ if you will and seen by more people. Through a lot of hard work I have manage to continually improve my blog stats month upon month. Although my blog traffic may not be as great as others, these tips that I have picked up have definitely helped me along the way and I wish I knew them a lot earlier in my blogging journey.

Blogger RT Accounts

Whenever you’re promoting your blog posts, don’t forget to tag blogger RT accounts or use their hashtags in your tweets! Blogger RT accounts help to share bloggers content to reach more people, so this is a great way to get your content out there and to also discover new bloggers too.

A few Blogger RT accounts that I would recommend would be: GRLPOWR Chat, Bloggers Tribe, TeaCupClub, The Blog Club and Bee Chat. There are a variety of these RT accounts out there that are designed to help bloggers of all kinds, make use of them!

Comment Threads

I would recommend comment threads to any blogger, old or new, in order to get your blog posts and drive engagement to your blog! With these bloggers will generally reply to a tweet with a link to their latest blog post, allowing others to discover their new blog posts. This is a great way to get your blog posts out their to more people whilst also discovering new bloggers and blog posts that you may not have come across! Since I’ve started regularly using these I’ve seen a big improvement in my blog stats, and I love discovering new blog posts to read!


I’ve already mentioned using hashtags related to Blogger RT accounts, but may also be useful to use a couple of other hashtags alongside these in order to help your blog posts out. For example, use a hashtag relating to your relevant niche if you have one, for example #lbloggers for lifestyle bloggers or #bbloggers for beauty bloggers. Try and use hashtags that relate to your blog post too if possible. For example, if you’re sharing a mental health or lgbt then use hashtags relating to the topic in order to reach more people.

Follow Threads

Follow threads are essentially when bloggers reply to a tweet with links to their blog and other social media for others to check out and follow. I’ve occasionally made my own follow threads which have gone down successfully with other bloggers. This is a great way to discover new blogs as well as sharing your own with others!

Pin Your Latest Post

Not everyone may see your tweet when your blog post first goes live. Because of this, I would suggest pinning a tweet that includes a link to your latest blog post. This way you’ll hopefully be able to drive more traffic to your latest blog post rather than your tweet getting lost! I always try and do this if I remember to.


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38 thoughts on “5 Ways To Boost Your Blog Traffic Through Twitter

  1. When I first started blogging I didn’t use any social media at all to promote my blog but now that I do that on Twitter, it has boosted up my stats and it’s awesome that I also get to meet other bloggers and interact with them 🙂

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  2. I’ve never thought to pin my latest post to my Twitter account but that’s a great tip. And I don’t tend to participate very often in follow threads although I don’t know why, I need to start doing this, you’re right, it’s a great way to discover new accounts too. Really helpful post, thank you for sharing! x

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

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  3. Twitter is basically the main source all the traffic to my blog is coming from. I’ve found it super useful but I try not to schedule too many tweets for one day. Great post 🙂

    lots of love, Jasmin
    // littlethingswithjassy.com

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  4. All of these tips are so important. I’m getting back into blogging after a long hiatus and it feels like I’m re-learning it all over again haha. Twitter is great for traffic if you really utilise it!
    Ellie x

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  5. What great tips! I try and find as many comment threads as I can a week to promote my posts, RT accounts are also so helpful but it’s hard to chose which one to tag


  6. Great tips Ashleigh! Twitter is also my main source of blog traffic and I notice it goes up on the days which I do comment swaps. Thank you for sharing those RT accounts, it’s always hard to know which ones are still active and retweeting. Fantastic post 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  7. This is really helpful as I’m currently trying to get back my momentum with promoting my blog. I used to be so good at scheduling tweets and getting on all of the threads but I’ve been slacking so these points will help me to get back on track! I love that you mentioned pinning your latest blog post tweet as I really think this has helped me a lot, I’d definitely recommend it to any blogger as it’s the first thing people see when they visit you x

    Alice // http://www.accordingtoalicex.com


  8. Such useful tips for new bloggers. I still feel like I’m starting out in the world of blogging and getting involved through Twitter has been fantastic for blog stats.

    Kate x



  9. Great tips! I would also recommend Pinterest as I seem to be gaining a significant following on there which is driving a fair bit of traffic. Thankyou for sharing x



  10. Thank you for this. Just started tweeting about my lastest blog post and it’s has bring me a new wave of audience


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