Why I Started Blogging

I guess you could say that I’ve always wanted to start a blog as the thought of blogging intrigued me, I just didn’t know how or where to start. I had absolutely no idea how much hard work blogging was and I barely knew anything about promoting my content in the blogging community, it’s safe to say that I was very clueless.

For a little back story I have had this blog for literal years, I’ve just changed and adapted the name of the blog and the style as I have got more into blogging. When I first started writing my posts would be very sporadic and I purely focused on book reviews. Because these posts were so few and far between there was next to no one engaging with my content. One of the reasons why I didn’t take the plunge earlier was probably because I didn’t have much spare time getting my blog up and running with regular content and I was nervous about starting a blog.

It was around this time two years ago when I began to take up blogging more seriously and posting on a consistent basis. I tried posting on a weekly basis, but I just wasn’t as motivated as I am now with my blog, so that kind of failed to begin with. Then I just finally took the plunge and started working on my blog and the kind of content that I wanted to post.
So, why did I start a blog?

I love writing in general and I always have done, anyone who knows me well knows that. When I finally took the plunge to blog consistently blogging became an outlet for me. That’s why I love the writing side of blogging the most as well as reading other people’s blog posts! Not only is it an outlet for me on personal level, but also a creative level too. I can share and write the posts that I enjoy as well as helping other people too with advice posts now and again. It’s my own little space on the internet.

Blogging is also gives me something to focus on in my spare time. It’s a very time consuming hobby to have as there’s a lot that goes into blogging behind the scenes. Surprisingly it’s not about writing content and hitting the publish button, you can read my blog post on the truth about blogging.

I also loved the idea of connecting with other like minded people who are also blogging, which is the reason why I have a separate twitter account purely for my blog! That way I just feel like it makes it easier to engage with other like minded people in terms of blogging. I also have a blog post on how to boost your blog traffic through twitter.

Before I started blogging I barely read other blog posts, probably because that community wasn’t opened up to me until I took the plunge to blog. But now, I love it! I don’t think that I could ever stop blogging because I would miss it too much. I may take a break now and again because of life getting in the way, but I don’t think I could stay away from blogging forever! I honestly don’t even know what I did with my spare time before I started blogging.

Let me know why you started blogging in the comments!


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10 thoughts on “Why I Started Blogging

  1. I keep joking that I started blogging because I needed a hobby and had too many opinions, but it’s honestly so true. I wanted to get back to writing again, but I felt way too distanced from fiction, so blogging it was. I’m so glad I did it!

    -pixieskiesblog.wordpress.com xo


  2. This current blog started as my outlet to get things off my chest. It was my therapy in addition to my therapy I was having.
    As well as not feeling alone, it now helps others.
    My blog still helps me too, but it has grown with me, as my regular readers have noticed.

    This has not been my first blog I have written, as I used to write a deaf blog. That blog is long gone, with some readers following me from that one, but lots of new readers who know me just from this one.

    WordPress is a lovely blogging community.

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