Back To School Stationery Must Haves

I absolutely love stationery as much as the next person does. With this in mind, I thought that it would be a good idea to write a blog post on what my stationery must haves would be if I was going back to school. Now, I’m not going back to school in September, but nonetheless I thought that this blog post might be useful for those that are. Some of these are old favourites and whilst others are new favourites that I would definitely recommend if you’re a stationery lover going back to school!

Some of these things I still use today with my bullet journal and I love using them. I don’t know what it is about stationery and buying new stationery, but I just love it. Please tell me that I’m not alone on this!


Zebra Pens

I only bought these pens recently and as a stationery lover, I absolutely love them. I have no idea how I haven’t tried Zebra pens beforeahand, but these are great and easy to write with. If I was going back to school I would definitely be using these, I would highly recommend them!

Staedler Fineliners

These are hands down my favourite Staedler pens and I used them all the time for school work and I still use them to this day for my bullet journal. I tend to buy these when they are on offer at Tesco for half of the original price. I love them and wouldn’t use any other fineliners at the moment!

BIC Fun/Original Cristal Pens

I never used these pens when I was back in school, but I’ve only recently started using them this year and I love them. I used to use papermate pens, but if I was going back to school then I would definitely recommend these. The fun pack of these pens would be great for school too!


Staedler Highlighters

I enjoyed using highlighters in my school work and my revision notes, and I still enjoy using them to this day! The Staedler highlighters have always been a personal favourite of mine. They’re great for highlighting information and key words and just generally brightening up your school work.

A Notebook (or two!)

If you’re anything like me, I enjoy using good quality paper when it comes to notebooks and notebooks that had margins on them! When I was at school I never used Campus notebooks, I tended to buy my notebooks from WHSmith which are just as good, but I love the Campus notebooks. A good quality notebook with margins is a must in my mind!


Academic Diary

Having an academic diary is something that I would highly recommend to anyone going back to school. It’s a must for keeping yourself organised with any homework, events or anything in your personal life that you want to keep a track of. You could always by a blank lined notebook (like the Pukka one above) and create your own simple weekly diary if you want to make it a little more personalised, but that’s completely up to you.

Mini Stationery Set

If I was going back to school this year then I would have loved this mini stationery set that a bought a couple of months or so ago from Wilko’s. It includes 10 paper clips, a highlighter, a tape dispenser with tape, 2 binder clips and a stapler with staples.

What are some of your back to school stationery must haves?


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18 thoughts on “Back To School Stationery Must Haves

  1. School shopping was literally my fav! I graduated last July, so I won’t be going back to school myself either but probably just gonna take myself stationary shopping hehe just cause I can!

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  2. I’m going into my third year of uni and I am so ready to buy new stationery! I’ve already got a few good notebooks from the paperchase sale but still need most of the items on this list, especially the fineliners since mine died in exam season. Such a good buy! Great post x


  3. I’m going back to school next month and I have so much stationary that my sister left behind so I am set. I love going through it and seeing all the pens and highlighters she bought, or the journals I forgot about


  4. Aww yay! I love a stationery post! I’m a big fan of Staedler pens, they are great for drawing as well as writing. I’ve never heard of Zebra pens. Definitely need to check these out when I’m next stationery shopping. Thanks for sharing Ashleigh, great post! 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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  5. I love this!! I totally agree that these are the top stationery must haves; then again, I am quite obsessed with stationery. I didn’t even know Staedtler carried highlighters. Right now, I’m quite obsessed Stabilo 88 pens – check them out!

    cabin twenty-four


  6. Stabilo pens are a must have for me! They make writing, revising, notes so much for fun because of all the pretty colours you can get. I recently got a Pastel Pack and I love them. I had to get them when they were on a discount though too! I love highlighters took I am one of those people that highlights everything though! I do love a good stationary haul! xx


  7. I’m not going back to school but I absolutely love stationary I have way too much for someone who doesn’t even use it that much. I haven’t tried zebra pens before but they look great! X


  8. This is truly a great set of stationary! I’ve been thinking just this morning that I should replenish my stock since I, too, am back to school next week (teacher…) Having never heard of Zebra pens, you have me intrigued! I’m going to have to search for them now ☺️

    Thank you for the lovely post!xx


  9. I’m pretty sure stationary shopping was the ONLY good thing about the summer holidays coming to an end! Do I need two new pencil cases? No. Am I going to buy two new pencil case? Obviously.

    The fine liners are a definite most though – I still buy them these days around this time of year because they’re usually on offer!

    Katt |


  10. I immediately clicked on your post because I am also one of those gals that goes crazy over having fresh stationary supplies. When I was still in school, buying new items was the highlight (and in my mind the definition of setting myself up for success). Even though I have been out of the classroom for several years now, I always gravitate towards the newest journal or the smoothest writing pen (and have to force myself not to purchase more until I use up the extensive collection I already have).


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