25 Things Before I Turn 25

This is the year that I turn 21, and I can’t quite believe how fast time is flying by. In just over two months I will turn 21, and I’m not going to lie that makes me feel kind of old (even though I know it’s not!). I always see these types of posts floating around on other people’s blogs so I though that I bite the bullet and write my very own. So, if you like bucket list style posts and want to learn about the 25 things I want to achieve before I turn 25, then carry on reading this blog post!


1. Pass my driving test.

2. Own my own car.

3. Move out of my parent’s house.

4. Start earning some money from blog, even if it’s only a small amount.

5. Start my own business.

6. Get a tattoo (or multiple!)

7. Rescue a cat (or two) from the RSPCA or similar.

8. Travel abroad.

9. Finish writing the first draft of a book.

10. Edit the first draft of said book.

11. Finish writing the first draft of a second book (and edit).

12. Write a couple of short stories.

13. Go out of my comfort zone more often.

14. Worry less and enjoy experiences more.

15. Have more faith and confidence in myself.

16. Go back to university to study something I enjoy.

17. Save up money.

18. Make a plan to visit the Harry Potter studios in London!

19. Continue reading.

20. Visit new places in the UK.

21. Try and learn a new language for fun.

22. Continually improve my blog to make it more successful.

23. Attempt to go vegetarian long term.

24. Give up sugary drinks.

25. Take more risks.

What’s on your bucket list?


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13 thoughts on “25 Things Before I Turn 25

  1. I love lists like this! Good luck with your things you want to do – you have plenty of time; I’m 25 next birthday so just completely avoided writing one of these lists! x


  2. You are so young! That’s a beautiful list. I only have a few more things on my bucket list. I want to visit every state in the US ( I’m almost there ) and I want to go to Italy. I also want to try opening my own business ( even if it’s just an online t shirt shop ). I am looking into getting a certification in social media marketing which will be an entirely different career for me. I have already knocked off many things on my bucket list such as writing and selling my own books , going to Hawaii , seeing Mariah carey front row etc. you have so much time girl ! I wish I was 21 again. It goes so fast. Wait until you move out and work full time etc and turn 25. The years become a blur! Enjoy your youth !!


  3. I am on my 2nd bucket list.
    My first was a 40×40 – and now I am onto my next one (which I refuse to call a 50×50 because:denial!)
    Lot’s of your things were on my list too: the tattoo, foreign travel, I even went back to Uni and studied.
    I wish I had thought about a list like this 20 years ago, but whenever you start is good. Always have plans and dreams! 😁
    My blog is about my bucketlist if you fancy a look any time: https://pollyspad.blog/deliberation-and-debate/


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