October Blogging Goals

A new month means a new set of blogging goals! For the past month I haven’t been that active on my blog, in fact I haven’t been active at all. I’ve been absent from both my blog and social media, this month I want to change that. In order to motivate myself I’ve set myself a goal or two in terms of blogging, hopefully you’ll be seeing a lot more content from me this month! Let’s get straight into the blog post.

1. Complete blogtober

Last year I attempted blogtober, admittedly it was a last minute decision, but I wasn’t successful in following through with it. This year I really want to give it my best shot, hopefully this time I’ll be able to succeed! Let me know in the comments if you’re taking part in blogtober this year too.

2. Reach 1.2k WordPress followers

This might be slightly ambitious and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to achieve it or not, but I really would like to reach 1.2k followers on my blog this month. As I’m writing this I have around 60 more followers until I reach this goal. If you enjoy my content and don’t follow me, I’d really appreciate it if you gave my blog a follow!

3. Reach 2k monthly views

This number may not be a huge number to some people, but it is to me and my blog. Over the past year my blog has done pretty well in terms of increasing my views on a monthly basis and I really want to hit the 2k mark this month! I would be absolutely over the moon if I was able to reach this.

4. Reach 700 Instagram followers

This might be slightly ambitious for me again since I’m not the best at posting regularly on my Instagram page, but I’m hoping that it’s a goal I can get close to. At the moment, I think about 70 followers away from reaching this goal. You can check me Instagram page here if you want to give it a follow!

5. Reach 6k Twitter followers

I’m currently 300 followers away from this goal as I am writing this blog post. This goal might be slightly ambitious (once again), but if I can get anywhere close to this then I would be happy! It’s definitely possible if I put the work in. It’s always better to aim high!

What are some of your blogging goals for October? Let me know in the comments!


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10 thoughts on “October Blogging Goals

  1. I followed you on Twitter! Best of luck with your October goals. I’m not doing Blogtober because a blog a day is too much for the quality of content I put out, but I love the idea! Maybe next year 🙂


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