My Blogtober Experience

My Blogtober Experience.jpg

This year is the first year that I’ve properly thrown myself into blogtober and I have to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself. This is my final blog post for blogtober, and I have to admit that I’m kind of sad about that! Bring on blogmas!

First things first, although blogtober has been a fun experience, it’s definitely been a challenging one at that. For blogtober this year, I didn’t quite manage to post for the whole 31 days and I have missed numerous days out. Some would consider that to be a failure, but I knew in myself that I wasn’t going to be able to post every single day. Overall, I think I managed to post on 20 out of the 31 days (including today) and I’m pretty proud of that if I do say so myself! I definitely see blogtober as a success. Plus, I would rather post quality content than rush a post that I’m not really that happy with.

Despite its challenges, blogtober has been nothing but positive for my blog. As a reflection on blogtober, here are the positives from the past month.

  • Blogtober has helped me with my creative slump. In September, I didn’t post on my blog, not even once. But blogtober has got my creative juices flowing!
  • The challenge of blogtober has given me the motivation and determination to create quality content for my blog for others to read.
  • Somehow I’ve grown to love blogging even more and I don’t think I could ever give blogging up, even if I do take the occasional break now and again.
  • By taking part in blogtober, it has also helped with my blog views. This was expected since I was practically posting on a daily basis (almost).

The next big challenge in terms of blogging is going to be blogmas! After a successful blogtober for my blog, I cannot wait to dive into blogmas and create a variety of content during December for you to read. Let me know in the comments if you’re planning on taking part in blogmas!

If you want to check out my blogtober posts in one space, then click on this link here.


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3 thoughts on “My Blogtober Experience

  1. Well done on completing Blogtober! It is a massive achievement to post 20 posts in one month after nothing the month previous, so well done, and congrats on realizing the achievement instead of reflecting on not doing 31 days. Quality always wins over quantity. I’m doing Blogmas, I’m really exciting, as I didn’t take part in Blogtober and am itching to get into Blogmas!

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