5 Ways To Spread Kindness

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On 13th November every year, World Kindness Day is celebrated across the world. This is something that I wasn’t aware of up until now, but this was introduced back in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement. Although I’m posting this on the day before (I don’t want to mess up my blog schedule) I still wanted to honour this day by creating a blog post related to kindness. When I was looking through google, I was inspired to create a blog post on ways to spread kindness which I saw on the Eden Project Communities website which I’ve also linked. So, here are 5 ways that you can spread kindness.

1. Openly be appreciative.

There’s nothing wrong with openly being appreciative, even with the little things. This can be as simple as thanking someone that’s helped you out in some way. It’s always nice to feel appreciated for something that you’ve done for others.

2. Be inclusive.

Everyone likes to feel included. This could be something as simple as inviting someone to a meal, lunch, night out, or whatever it may be. Even if they don’t take you up on the offer, it’s the thought that counts. It’s nice knowing that someone thought about you. You never know if someone is going through a rough patch and feeling included through a simple gesture could very well mean more to them than you realise.

3. Give someone a compliment.

Want to make someone’s day? Why not give them a compliment? A small, yet simple compliment could really brighten someone’s day if they’re feeling a bit under the weather. You never know what people are going through, some people are good at putting on a brave face.

4. Spread positivity.

I believe that it’s important to refrain from spreading negativity, whatever environment that you’re in. Be mindful of what you’re saying and refrain from negativity, instead spread positivity by performing small acts of kindness. Not only is it important to be mindful of what you’re saying, but your thoughts are important too. Try to deflect negative thoughts or put a positive spin on them.

5. Practice self-kindness

As important as it is to spread kindness to others, it’s also important not to neglect yourself in the process. Being kind to yourself and practising self-care is just as important as spreading kindness to those around you.

What are some of your favourite ways of spreading kindness?


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7 thoughts on “5 Ways To Spread Kindness

  1. I have gave compliments to strangers this year and partly last year, on how they look. Also just a simple smile, or an hello.
    One hello resulted in lots of conversations to come later, when we were both out at our coffee place.
    I gave dinners whether at mine, or eating out as thanks, or simply just a latte, if that is all they want.
    I have written thank you cards and emails to show my thanks and appreciation. Mentioning how much it meant to me.


  2. Love this post! Kindness is so important, you never know what someone else is going through, so I always remember to say thank you and smile to try and brighten their day 💕


  3. These ideas are so thoughtful! To spread kindness this year I’m adopting a few children from the angel tree at my local ymca. It feels good to do something nice for some children in need!


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