Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything Happens For A Reason

Everything happens for a reason.

It’s that clique saying that everyone says when things are rough, whether you’re struggling with a job rejection, a breakup, or anything bad that happens.

I can completely understand why people say this in times of need when we’re feeling rough. They want to make you feel better, they want to give you hope for the future at a time when you’might be going through a rough patch, which is understandable. But at a time when everything feels like it’s going downhill, I know firsthand that this helpful phrase isn’t so helpful at all.

At times when things aren’t going particularly great, it can be difficult to find the benefits in the situation that you’re facing. It’s easy just to focus on the negatives rather than see the positives, no matter how much people tell us not to worry and that everything happens for a reason. When you’re in the middle of a rough situation, it can be difficult to see things from a different perspective because your mind is clouded.

That’s why hindsight is such a great thing. At the moment, everything can seem like it’s going wrong and you can’t understand the reasoning behind why the situation is happening. It can be frustrating, to say the least. But, only looking back with hindsight can you start to understand the reasoning as to why certain things happened.

I believe that there are things that happen for a reason. Your path in life may not turn out the way that you expect it to or the way that you want it to, but many things happen for a reason in order to help you on your journey. Sometimes, you just need a little faith that things will work out in time. It may not be how you expect it to turn out, or how you want it to turn out, but things will work out the way they are supposed to.

Everything happens for a reason.

Do you believe that a lot of things happen for a reason? Let me know your thoughts!


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One thought on “Everything Happens For A Reason

  1. I’d say yes, everything does happen for a reason. Everything in this world is connected with our karma. Just like physics mentions, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In real world its so dispersed that we generally never notice it. But for sure everything can be connected to our actions.


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