25 More Blogmas Post Ideas

Hello December(1)

Last year I wrote a list of 25 blogmas post ideas, so for today’s post, I thought that it would be a nice idea to write 25 more blogmas post ideas. I find these useful for kickstarting my inspiration when I’m in a bit of a creative slump, so I’m hoping that you will be able to make use of a couple of these ideas! Before I ramble too much, let’s get into the blog post. Here are 25 more blogmas post ideas for you.

1. Hello December / Blogmas Introduction.

2. Share your Winter everyday makeup look.

3. Bullet journal set up for December (if you have one).

4. The best Christmas markets to visit.

5. Set yourself some goals for December, personal or blogging related!

6. A Christmas tag.

7. Your favourite festive drinks.

8. How to deal with holiday stress.

9. Tips for staying motivated during blogmas.

10. Your top five winter/festive lipsticks.

11. Beauty advent calendar unboxing.

12. Your favourite Christmas blogging props.

13. How to stay organised during blogmas.

14. Share with us your Christmas playlist.

15. Secret Santa gift ideas.

16. Last minute gift ideas.

17. How to get into the Christmas Spirit.

18. How you relax after a long day.

19. Blogmas ideas post, like this one!

20. Things you’re grateful for this year.

21. At the end of the month, give your thoughts on your blogmas experience!

22. New Year resolutions/goals.

23. Share your favourite blogmas posts that you’ve read.

24. Reflection on the past year.

25. Share what you got for Christmas.

Let me know if you use any of these ideas, I’d love to read them!


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6 thoughts on “25 More Blogmas Post Ideas

  1. Ooh some of these ideas are great. I’ll definitely add some to my list of posts to write! Thank you for sharing! 😊🎄


  2. You’ve got some great post ideas here! I actually spent all weekend at a Christmas market (our saxophone quartet was performing at it) so I’m super in the holiday spirit now and can’t wait to see everyone’s posts!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca


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