Why You Need A Blog Content Calendar

Blogging is a tough job. You are your own content creator, editor, social media manager, photographer, and so much more all roled into one. It’s not an easy job, to say the least, and there’s a lot of things that you need to juggle in order to keep your blog going and growing! When it comes to blogging, some form of organisation is important for your blog. I have written a blog post previous on how I keep my blog content organised which I encourage you to take a look at, but this is kind of an update of that post.

In my previous blog post on how I keep my blog content organised, one thing that I didn’t mention was a content calendar simply because I just used my bullet journal at the time. But in this blog post, I wanted to tell you why keeping a blog content calendar is helpful and how I currently utilise a blog content calendar (other than my bullet journal).

So, why should you keep a blog content calendar?

It keeps your blog content organised.

I’ve definitely found that having a digital blog content calendar is a great way to keep your content organised. It’s a great way to plan your blog posts for the month or week ahead and look at this at a glance for what you need to be writing. In terms of organisation, I also find this useful for knowing when I haven’t finished writing a blog post by changing the font colour, or if I need to add photos to the post by adding an asterisk (*).

It helps to see your content at a glance.

What I love about using a content calendar is that you can see your content plans for the week/month at a glance. Not only that, it’s easy to switch things up in your calendar if need be. You can see what needs writing, what needs editing, what needs photos and so on.

It helps to keep a schedule and be consistent.

Following on from the two previous points, having a content also helps you to schedule out your content for your blog in order to fit you which in turn you can see at a glance. Personally, it also motivates me to actually write the posts that I’ve set out to. As I work full time alongside blogging, it can be difficult to keep a track of blog posts and what blog posts I want to go up when, but having a content calendar helps with this.

It can help with writer’s block.

With being a creative outlet, writer’s block is inevitably going to occur at some stage. Having a blog content calendar is great for situations like this because you already have your content planned out. Even if you don’t have content planned out well in advance, it’s easy to glance at the previous blog posts that you’ve planned and written to brainstorm from!

It makes blogging more manageable.

Blogging can also be overwhelming at times, or you could be bursting with ideas for posts. A content calendar for your blog can really help to make blogging that little bit easier. Linking in with points that I mentioned earlier on in the blog post, having a content calendar helps you to organise your blog post ideas, create a schedule for yourself and visually allows you to see the progress and status of your blog posts.

Are you convinced that a content calendar is beneficial? I’ve only been using a digital content calendar for just over two months now, but I really am finding it beneficial for me and for my blog.

I thought that I would also give you a visual as to what my content calendar looks like. Below is a snapshot of what my content looked like for the month of November. It’s simple and minimal, but that’s what I like about it.

how i'm organising my blog

If you would like a free content calendar template for 2019 then feel free to download mine here.

Do you use a content calendar? If so, do you find it useful?


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21 thoughts on “Why You Need A Blog Content Calendar

  1. This is a great idea. I use my paper diary but it always ends up being scribbled on because I change what I’m going to post! Definitely going to use a digital one from now on.


  2. I had some time a few weeks ago where I was feeling super motivated and I scheduled posts all through January (which doesn’t sound like much to some, I know) and being this organised made me more motivated to sit down again and plan more 😀 I’m still working on my content calendar but it definitely helps with writers block too.


  3. Excellent post! I have made it a goal for New Year to get organised with a content calendar. I started one last year but got behind when wasn’t well for a month argh. You have inspired me to sort this ASAP thankyou


  4. A calendar was vital on the months I have blogged everyday. Not only did it help brainstorm ideas but you can create a nice transition and mix of posts. I’m currently posting once every week and I mix between brainstorming lots of ideas at once and coming up with a new idea weekly.

    Hayley | hayleyxmartin


  5. I’ve just finished writing my post about how I’m being more organised with blogging this year and planning my content is a big part of that! I started using a calendar for Blogmas to help me plan and it completely changed the way I plan my blog content! I’m no longer writing a post the day it goes live and I have my posts for all of February loosely planned so I definitely agree with you on this one!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  6. I need to be more organiser and your content calendar would be perfect for doing just that! I currently use a bullet journal, where I jot down my ideas for the month, and then pages where I actually plan what goes into the post.

    Great post!

    Aimsy xoxo



  7. Staying organized has definitely helped me keep my blog on track, while I currently use the monthly calendar in my daily planner for this I can see how a digital one would be really useful too!


  8. I have also decided to plan my blog posts in advance and I plan all my January and some of February on my calendar. It just helps so much to keep on top of things! And actually makes me feel more motivated and write better. Great post xx


  9. Ooh, I’ve been working so hard on my blog content calendar since last fall and it definitely helps to have a plan! And to have that plan down on paper! Just today I went through every day in 2019 on the National Days Calendar list to see what days would be relevant to my blog topic (plus size fashion) and to give me ideas for social media posts, blog topics, pictures, collaborations, etc.

    I found you from Heather Bee’s blog – I’m one of your “co-nominees” of the Blogger Sunshine Award. What fun, right?? I’m bookmarking your blog and I’ll be back!



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