February Bullet Journal Set Up

There’s nothing I love more than setting up my bullet journal for the following month and writing up a blog post about it, this month is no different of course! I’m not the most creative or skilled person art wise, but Pinterest is my best friend for that. Recently, I also took the plunge and bought myself a new notebook to continue my bullet journal with which is always exciting. There’ll most definitely be a new blog post on my new bullet journal and how I’ve set it up, so watch this space for that one!

Before I ramble on with a long introduction, let’s get into the blog post! Here are my spreads for February. I hope you enjoy!

February Cover page

As with every new month, I have a cover page to introduce said month. This month I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible as you can see below.

Monthly Spread

I like trying different styles and designs when it comes to my monthly spreads, even if it’s only a slight change. I quite like this layout for my month spread if I’m being honest. With it being February, I’ve gone with a pink colour scheme because it seemed the most fitting. Underneath my monthly layout, I’ve written out my blogging goals for the months (which you can also check out here) which I quite like to remind myself of what I want to achieve. On the right-hand side of the double spread, I’ve also included a ‘to do’ list like I did in January.


I love including quotes throughout my bullet journal in order to help motivate myself. For this quote page I’ve decided to go for “celebrate every tiny victory”. Small steps are important, as long as you’re heading in a positive direction!


As usual, I also have a gratitude log. This month I decided to set it out so that I could log my gratitude on a daily basis because I want to make this more of a habit in my everyday life. Life can be difficult sometimes and gratitude is important. Again, I’ve gone with the pink colour scheme. I also love the lettering for this (inspired by Pinterest, of course.) Despite not being very skilled, it’s simple and easy to recreate!

February in Pixels

Another habit that I want to get into is logging my mood on a daily basis. I started this in January, but I forgot to keep up with it a third of the way through. This month I’m determined to keep it up.

What’s On My Mind

In my monthly spreads, I’ve also decided to include a ‘what’s on my mind page’. I’m basically just using this page as a brain dump, mainly for the days when I’m feeling a little anxious and when I want to offload my thoughts, whether they be good or bad. I’m hoping that this will help with my mental health on those bad days.

I really hope you enjoyed my bullet journal set up for February!


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16 thoughts on “February Bullet Journal Set Up

  1. I love how many different things you’ve got for the month, I’d love to start a bullet journal but I’m not creative at all and I’m terrible at drawing and things so mine would look terrible. The mood tracker and brain dump are my favourite things you’ve included, as well as the gratitude log!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  2. Dear Ashleigh @varietytales here from Twitter, great job with this post. It shows how organized and determined you are monthly and about your blog post. I’d really like to start taking the steps you mentioned, very creative. Again, great job and keep up the good work. I look forward to reading more blog posts.

    Stephanie Jay | Variety Tales: varietytales.com


  3. This is such a lovely post Ashleigh! Your February designs are fabulous, I love the pink theme, the cute hearts and inspirational quotes. The What’s On My Mind page is such a great idea, I’ve never seen this before, it is really unique! It is such a handy way to jot down anxieties, and also a good page to reflect on at the end of the month to put worries into perspective. Thanks for sharing! ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  4. Great set up Ashleigh! I love the quotes idea, something that I haven’t done in mine, but if it helps with motivation I may start. I’m also a fan of Pinterest when it comes to my planner designs, I’m not very artistic myself 🙈. Thanks for sharing, I hope you achieve your goals for February.

    Much Love.

    Laura | https://directlylaura.com


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