Hello April


Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog. Another month has passed by and we’re now in April (as you’re probably well aware!). I feel as though the past three months have flown by, and I’m sure that the rest of 2019 will fly by too with the rate it’s going at. This also isn’t an April Fools, I’m actually coming back from my blogging break and posting on April Fool’s Day, lucky for you guys!

Reflection on March

I haven’t actually written a blog post in a while, and that makes me feel guilty in a way. I have a couple of blog posts in the pipeline that I’ve written but just have gotten around to posting yet. I’m hoping to get this finished and posted in the next week which is exciting! In all honesty, last month was awful in terms of blog views, much similar to February actually. But I only really have myself to blame for that with the lack of content and not being as active on social media in promoting my blog posts and engaging with the community.

One positive thing about March, however, is that I’ve really started getting into Pinterest more. So much so that I think I’m becoming slightly obsessed with it! My Pinterest monthly unique viewers and monthly engaged users have drastically increased compared to what they used to be when I was only pinning now and again. Not only am I manually pinning more regularly, but I’m also making use of Tailwind in order to schedule pins to my boards through the week which I’m finding super useful.

I’m not actually gaining any blog views from Pinterest at the moment and it’s still a work in progress, but I’m taking small steps in the right direction with it (I hope at least anyway).

All in all, I feel like March has been a bit of an up and down month, but bring on April.

Hello April

I’m going into the new month with a positive mindset, or at least attempting to. With the clocks going forward at the weekend it means the days are getting longer which is one thing that I’m looking forward to. The extra daylight means that I’ll be able to actually take blog photos after work in natural lighting!

In terms of blogging, I’m also really hoping to improve my blog and the content that I’m posting as well as driving more traffic to my blog because February and March were shocking in terms of blog stats. I also hope to try and drive some traffic from Pinterest and start building that up, but I also needed to make Pinterest graphics for my blog posts in order to help with this.

I’m looking forward to April and the challenges that it may bring, so let’s do this!


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