8 Things Only Left Handers Understand

8 Things Only Left Handers Will Understand

The other year I wrote a blog post on ‘13 Interesting Facts About Left Handers’ and it’s been a long while since I wrote a blog post dedicated to left handers out there. For those of you who may not know, 13th August is dedicated to left handers and it was first observed in 1976. I thought that it would be interesting to write another post dedicated to my fellow left handers this year and it’s been fun to do a bit of research around it too! So, let’s get into the blog post. Here are eight things that only left handed people can relate to.

Accidentally liking posts on social media 

Being left handed means that you’re likely to scroll through Facebook, Instagram and other social media with your left thumb. With that, it’s so easy to accidentally like someone else’s post without even realising it, even if you didn’t want to.

Smudge marks all over your left hand

Smudge marks basically come hand in hand with being left handed – it’s inevitable. I’m always getting smudge marks whenever I’m writing in pen, it just can’t be avoided. Also, writing in a fountain pen can be a nightmare when you’re left handed. Not only will you end up with smudge marks on your hand, but your work will be smudged too!

Moving seating positions

Whether you’re eating out for dinner or you having seating arrangements in school, I always try and sit on the left of people. The last thing that I want is to knock elbows with people, whether we’re doing schoolwork or eating out for food. I will always make a point of sitting on the left and let them know that it’s because I’m left handed. I can’t be the only left handed person that does this?

Everything is made for right handers

We basically live in a world that’s made for right handed people. After all, left handers only make about 10% of the population according to statistics. This makes it a struggle when it comes to using things such as scissors, notebooks and can openers.

Even handshakes aren’t made for us

You’ll only know this struggle if you’re a left hander. Going in for a handshake with a right handed person can be a bit awkward when you go in with your left hand because that’s natural for us! Honestly, the struggles of being left handed in a right hand dominated world.

Pens on chains

The struggle of using those pens on metal chains, whether you’re in the bank or somewhere else in public, is such a struggle for left handers! They always seem to be placed on the right hand side and it makes it such a struggle to write with when you’re left handed.

Getting asked whether you’re a lefty

It’s inevitable that whenever you write in front of somebody, they will ask you whether you’re a lefty. After all, we are rare I suppose. It’s the kind of question that I don’t think people will ever stop asking either, so, unfortunately, it’s something we’re going to have to get used to!

Writing sideways and getting questioned

Kind of following on from the last one, this is something I’m pretty sure that a lot my fellow lefties will be able to relate to. As a left hander, I write sideways and when right handers notice this they think I’m strange. I always get questions or comments on the way that I write and people are honestly baffled as to how I write in such a way! Like the last point, I think these kinds of questions and comments are also inevitable as people are curious.

Are you left handed? If so, is there anything you’d like to add that I haven’t mentioned?


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3 thoughts on “8 Things Only Left Handers Understand

  1. Remembering my school days….
    Every time when me(right handed) & my gf(left-handed) sat together. when she was on my right, our hands used to crash and when she was on my left we were like lovebirds adoring each other for entire class….
    2nd one was an advantage of beings left-handed…


  2. Lefty here! Oh there’s nothing I hate more than getting the smudges. Also, when my husband and I sit together to eat (like at our wedding sweetheart table) I had to be on the left side.
    Hannah the Mad Dog


  3. I am primarily left handed (was forced in kindergarten to write right-handed, so it’s the only right-handed thing I’m good at). My daughter is left-handed… so our household can SO RELATE 😂


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