Hello September

Hello September

Hello September

Somehow we are in September already. We’re well over the halfway mark in 2019 now and Christmas is merely a couple of months away. Before we know it, it’ll be 2020 and that doesn’t seem quite real to me somehow, I don’t know how to explain it. The months and years just seem to be flying by, quite literally, but here we are.

Although I’ve been blogging a bit more regularly this month, I definitely haven’t been blogging as much as I would have liked. Neither have I been getting involved with the blogging community on social media as I would have hoped to, which disappoints me slightly as I absolutely love the blogging community and all of the support over there. I had hoped to post at least twice a week during the month of August, and I did have content planned out to in order to achieve this goal of mine. I think that the main reason why I didn’t achieve this was mainly down to procrastination, just like I’ve been procrastinating to write this post (I’m currently writing it the day before it’s due to go live!).

I’m hoping to battle through the struggle of procrastination in September and keep up with my blog in terms of consistent content on a weekly basis as well as planning ahead for things like blogtober and possibly blogmas, although I think it might be a little early for blogmas at the moment.

August has been a month of trying to get back into the swing of blogging and posting regular content. Structure, planning and organisation are all things that I definitely need to work on for my blog in order to improve my consistency, views and all those good things. One thing that has gone well during the past month in terms of my blog is that I’ve finally reached 1.5k blog followers after what seems like forever. This is something I’m quite proud of!

Instead of doing a separate blog post on my blogging goals for September, I thought that I bullet point some of them here:

  • Reach 1.6k blog followers. As I mentioned earlier in the blog post, I recently reached 1.5k followers on my blog and I would love to steadily increase this.
  • Post quality content twice a week. I want to make sure that I’m posting good quality content on my blog on a regular basis, so I think this is a good start.
  • Prepare content and ideas for blogtober. I really want to take part in blogtober this year, whether that posting every day or just on weekdays.

Those are some of my main goals for September, I don’t want to set myself too many goals to achieve as I don’t want to burn myself out. Especially with blogtober right around the corner, I want to make sure that I’m prepared for that!


What are your goals for September?


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