November Bullet Journal Set Up 2019

For today’s blog post I thought that it was time to get back into my bullet journal posts. I haven’t really been using my bullet journal as much as I would have liked to, but I’m hoping to make more use of it this month! These are some of my favourite posts to write about and share with you all. So, let’s get into the blog post and I hope you enjoy!

Cover Page

I always try and keep my cover pages in my bullet journal pretty simple. At the moment I’ve just left it as it is with little black borders in each of the corners with ‘hello November’ in the middle of the page. It’s simple, but simple can be great a lot of the time!

Gratitude Log

Once again, my gratitude log has made an appearance. I’m not the best at logging this every single day, so I’ve just decided that I’m going to log as much as I can throughout the month. I’ve kept the lettering for this the same as previous months, simply because I quite like it! It’s a nice thing to keep track of and look back on too.

Monthly Spread

Here’s my monthly spread for November. I really like the design of the calendar in this one and I think that it’s one I’m going to stick to for a while. It’s easy to draw out but it looks lovely across the double page! For this monthly spread, I also added some new washi tape that I bought, I think it’s from Wilko’s, and I chose to use the days of the week. It just adds a bit more colour to the page too! On the right hand side of the page, I also added some of my goals for the month. 

Things I Learned At 22

On the next double spread page, I decided to write down some of the things that I’ve learned now I’ve turned 22. Again, I’ve kept this page simple and I alternated between my orange fineliner and my black pen in order to write each thing out. I’m happy with how its turned out and it’ll be nice to look back on in the future! I also made this into a blog post which I’ll link here when it goes up (if I remember).

Social Media/Blog Tracker

Following on, I created a new page to track my social media pages and I chose to focus on Twitter, Pinterest and my blog followers for now. I would have added Instagram to this, but I tend not to use this as much for my blog so I decided against it. I also added a section for my blog stats so that I can record this at the end of the month to see how my blog has done! I’m not 100% happy with the way I set this out and the design of it, but that’s okay. That’s something I’ll probably change for the next month.

That’s it for my bullet journal set up this month!


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5 thoughts on “November Bullet Journal Set Up 2019

  1. I love looking at bullet journals, they are so calming with how organized they are. I am tempted to start one for keeping track of my blog. How helpful have you found it with blogging?


    1. It’ll definitely be useful for keeping track of your blog because there’s so much you can do with it. I like using it to keep track of blog post ideas, my blogging schedule and my blog stats. I would definitely say it’s helpful for keeping track of things!


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