11 Things I’ve Learned In 22 Years

You may or may not know that on the 22nd October I turned 22. Double figures! I guess that means that I’m a proper adult now, right? 

Now, I did a couple of other blog posts planned relating to my birthday, such as a birthday haul, but I just don’t think they’re going to end up making it to my blog. However, I thought that it would be a good idea to write about a couple of things that I’ve learned throughout my 22 years, whether they be recent or not. I did something similar to this a couple of years ago where I wrote about 10 things I learned before my 20th so I wanted to make sure that I was adding fresh things in addition to that post. 

I would like to write 22 things that I’ve learned in 22 years, but we’ll see how ambitious that is as we get into the blog post. I promise that I’ll stop rambling, now let’s get on with the blog post.

  1. Situations have a weird way of working out, even if you don’t have much faith in how the situation may unfold.
  2. Following on from the last one, it’s useful to trust others a bit more when they that things will be fine and that they’ll turn out okay. You never know, they might be right!
  3. Nature is a beautiful thing – enjoy it and carry on appreciating it. Nature is also your best friend when you want to relax. 
  4. It’s perfectly okay to FEEL emotions. You are an emotional human being after all. It’s okay to be frustrated with people, situations and the world in general and want to cry. It’s valid.
  5. Kind of following on, some people might think that you are being dramatic or overly sensitive when reacting to certain situations, but it just means that they don’t quite understand it from your point of view. You are valid!
  6. It’s perfectly okay to change your mind about the direction you want to go in, whether that be in terms of your career or your education. Go with your heart and your passion, things will work out, I promise.
  7. You’re more than capable of achieving anything that you put your mind to. Believing in yourself and your abilities is important.
  8. Being alone can be scary sometimes, but it’s also great for recharging your social batteries so that you’re not too exhausted. 
  9. You don’t have to form or rekindle a relationship with somebody who you’ve cut out of your life, even if others don’t agree with your decisions. At the end of the day it’s your life and that kind of decision is your choice, no one else’s.
  10. You can’t always rely on other people to boost your self confidence. Self confidence comes from within and this is something I need to work on. 
  11. The Hazelnut Praline and Cream hot chocolate has to be Costa’s best drink, how have you only just discovered it this past couple of weeks?

I’ve made it to 11 things that I’ve learned in 22 years (halfway there!) but I’m happy with that. I hope that you enjoyed this blog post as much as I enjoyed writing it. 


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