Reviewing 2019 Goals & Setting 2020 Goals

I looked back on my blog posts and noticed that I wrote a post towards the beginning of the year about my goals for 2019. I wrote about blogging goals and personal goals that I wanted to achieve for the year. For this blog post I thought that it would be nice to reflect on the goals I’d set to see whether I’ve achieved them or not. Whilst I’m writing this blog post, I also decided to write about my new year resolutions for 2020, for my blogging goals and my personal goals! Let’s get into the blog post and I hope you enjoy.

Reviewing my 2019 goals

Reach 3,000 followers on WordPress – I didn’t manage to reach this goal unfortunately. I’m currently at about 1,500 blog followers but I’d hoped to improve it a lot more.

Blog at least two or three times a week – On the weeks that I actually posted, I managed to post two or three times. However, I just haven’t been consistent throughout 2019. This is something I want to improve on in 2020!

Reached 7,500 followers on Twitter – I didn’t manage to reach this goal, however I managed to surpass 6,000 followers on there (finally!).

Reach 50,000 page views on my blog – I haven’t reached this one either. I’m currently sitting at 24,000 blog views which is still good!

Learn to drive or at least start lessons – I’ve FINALLY started driving lessons again after almost two years. It’s both terrifying and exciting, but I’m glad I’ve started, so this goal is a win for me.

Read 30 books – I don’t know how many books I’ve read this year, but its definitely not 30. I really need to make an effort to read more often than I am doing.

Use my bullet journal more regularly – I’ve not been using my bullet journal as much as I would have liked, but I really want to get into the habit of it in 2020.

Drink plenty of water – I still drink plenty of water, especially in work so that’s a win.

Write a novel – I think I had big ambitions when I write this goal, but it hasn’t happened. This is something I really want to complete!

Blogging Goals for 2020

Reach 2,000 WordPress blog followers. I would love to reach 2,000 followers on my blog. I know that numbers and stats aren’t everything, but it’s nice when you can see your blog growing.

Similarly to last year, I want to blog at least twice a week. I don’t want to push myself too much, but I think that posting twice a week is definitely doable. I’m trying to write blog posts in advance and plan ideas so that I can hopefully keep on top of things.

Again, I want to try and reach 7,500 followers on Twitter. If you didn’t already know, Twitter is my favourite social media and I find the blogging community great over there. I find that it’s the best platform to promote my blog posts at the moment.

Finally, I want to reach 40,000 page views overall on my blog by the end of the year. If I’m consistent with my blog in 2020 then I think this is definitely a more achievable goal!

Personal Goals for 2020

You may or may not know that I started my driving lessons in November 2019, so this year I’m hoping to pass my theory test, finish my driving lessons and pass my practical test! This is definitely one of my main goals for 2020 to start off the decade well.

In 2020, I also want to use my bullet journal more regularly again. This is something that I want to get into the habit of more often. I enjoy the creative side of having a bullet journal, but I’m just going to take the pressure off myself by not posting my setups onto my blog. When I get into the habit of using it, maybe I’ll start writing those kinds of posts again.

This is also the year that I want to become healthier and get fitter. That means cutting out the junk food, fizzy pop and making fitness a part of my lifestyle. I want to do this for myself and to better my mental health. I already drink a fair bit of water, especially when I’m at work, but I want to make more of an effort to do this outside of work too. Pretty much, I want to make healthier lifestyle choices!


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4 thoughts on “Reviewing 2019 Goals & Setting 2020 Goals

  1. This was an awesome and honest reflection. I absolutely love this because I’m very big on reflection. It’s always good to have goals and reflect upon what could have been done better. I enjoyed reading this post. I want to read more books and drink more water. One of my biggest goals last year for my blog was to post 7 times every month and for the most part, I was able to accomplish it. I want to be more consistent in reading other people’s blog more this year so I’m dedicating one or two days in the week to do so. Thank you for sharing 🤗. I hope that 2020 will be an awesome year for you 🕊


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