Hours Three To Seven | Driving Update 2

As promised on Twitter, I’m starting to write blog posts relating to my experience with driving lessons at the moment. I’ve already written a blog post about how I got started in my driving lessons which went up a couple of weeks prior to this one which I hope you’ve taken a look at.

For these driving updates, I’m hoping to make them into a monthly series to track my progress and the things that I’m learning whilst I am on the road. I’m currently just having one hour lessons once a week, with the exception of my first lesson which was 2 hours long (Let’s get into the blog post.

Lesson 2 (1 hour)

I had this lesson a couple of days after the previous 2 hours and we went on the same industrial estate. Similar to the previous lesson, I had a one hour lesson in the evening. In the lesson we continued practising the moving off and stopping of the car. I was also focusing on my steering in this lesson too. My driving instructor should me a video on the push and pull method. We then went onto a small, empty car park in order to practise this method. I was kind of getting the hang of it, but I also still wasn’t the best at it.

At the end of this lesson he also sent me a link to the show me tell me questions which I’ve been looking over now and again.

Lesson 3 (1 hour)

This time round I had my lesson on a Saturday afternoon rather than an evening. I’m pretty sure that this was the point where I started doing left turns and left emerges mainly on the same industrial estate so that I could practice them. I found the left emerges more difficult but hopefully this will all improve with practice! I might have done one of the turns in a higher gear than I was supposed to, but we live and we learn.

None of this feels like second nature yet and I’m hoping that it just clicks at some point.

Lesson 4 (1 hour)

Similar to the previous lesson, I had this lesson on a Saturday afternoon at the same time. This might have been the lesson where I was taken to a different industrial estate in order to practise what we’d been doing the previous lesson. Again, we were doing left turns and left emerges and I felt like I was definitely improving, especially on my left turns. I’m pretty sure that I was also introduced to right turns and emerges on this lesson, but it’s not something we practised as much as the left ones just yet.

As I said previously, none of this feels like second nature yet and still doesn’t. For some reason, I started struggling with my clutch as some points in this lesson because I kept pulling it up too fast. This is something that I definitely need to work on and I hope it improves with time and experience.

Lesson 5 (1 hour)

I had this lesson at the same time on a Saturday again and we went back to the previous industrial estate. I was asked if I wanted to go straight onto the main roads, but I didn’t feel confident enough at this point. We continued to practise my left and right turns and emerges, this time I was going up to the speed limit on the quiet roads whilst doing this.

Similar to the previous lesson, I started messing my clutch up again and bringing it back up to fast again. I’m not sure if it’s because of nerves or what, but it makes me frustrated with myself.

At the end of the lesson I drove myself home with the help of my instructor, but I managed it and I survived.

Lesson 6 (1 hour)

I had this driving lesson very early on a Saturday morning so that it was quiet. In this lesson I was driving completely on the main roads which was only 1 minute from where I live. I was essentially going round in a loop on the roads, but I was being introduced to new situations and developing new knowledge. Firstly, I was introduced to traffic lights whilst still practising turning left. I was also introduced to mini roundabouts, meeting other traffic on the road and giving clearance to vehicles. Overall, I think this was a good lesson compared to my previous two and I definitely improved with my clutch.

In total, I’ve had 7 hours worth of driving lessons at this point. My confidence still isn’t the best when it comes to driving on the main roads, I’m just hoping that this will improve with the lessons and the more experience I get.


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