20 Things I Want To Do In 2020

In 2020 I’m starting to use my bullet journal more regularly and as part of that one of my spreads was ‘things I want to do in 2020’. This gave me the inspiration to turn this bullet journal spread into a blog post to share with you all! There might be a couple of things that crossover with my new year resolutions, but that was inevitable.

I want to make the most of 2020 and make this year a half decent one. I say half decent because you never know what’s around the corner and I know that everything isn’t going to go as smoothly as I would hope for, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy myself. 

Without further ado, here are 20 things I want do in 2020. 

  1. Learn to drive and pass my test. 
  2. Buy my first car, hopefully before my test so that I can have private practice. 
  3. Be more conscious about what I’m spending.
  4. Continue to build up my savings to 
  5. Take a trip to London at some point. 
  6. Be selfish when I need time to myself to recharge. 
  7. Clear out storage for things that I don’t use anymore. 
  8. Try to pick up meditation regularly to relax in my own time.
  9. Cut down the amount of time that I spend on my phone.
  10. Make healthy choices more often.
  11. Start to learn a new language!
  12. Finally finish watching the whole 10 seasons of Friends (I’m currently at S6!)
  13. Start to properly look at moving out for the following year. 
  14. Make time to read more. 
  15. Read everything that’s still waiting to be read on my bookshelf before buying new books! 
  16. Listen to more artist’s albums on Spotify.
  17. Get back into writing fiction. 
  18. Have a social media detox every once in a while. 
  19. Make a conscious effort to make more greener choices 
  20. Be grateful and practice gratitude regularly by keeping a log. 

This is essentially my bucket list for 2020 and I hope you enjoyed reading or gained some inspiration from it! I anticipated for this blog post to go up earlier on, but life happens unfortunately and things get in the way! Better late than never, right? 

What are some of things that you want to do in 2020? This can be anything related to travel, lifestyle, etc!


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11 thoughts on “20 Things I Want To Do In 2020

  1. You have a lovely list there.

    For me, which I have blogged about that are my goals which I use a vision board for are to go on more day trips this year than before, so I have something to look forward to. These are my short term goals.
    While my long term goal is to save and hopefully buy a house in 2 to 3 years time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post! I love learning languages, I definitely recommend the Duolingo app! Some of my goals for 2020 are to do more of what makes me happy, and spend more time improving my drawing and sewing skills 💛


  3. Those are great resolutions. I am also planning to learn a new language apart from writing novels which is already on progress. Thank you for such a nice article.


  4. I love these ideas! I want to spend more consciously and introduce meditation into my weekly routine, too 😌 I’m on season 10 of Friends but I’m so reluctant to finish cause then it will be over (even though I’m not even watching it now anyway so I will be no different?? Doesn’t make sense 😅)

    Beka | http://www.bekadaisies.com


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