Hours Eight To Eleven | Driving Update 3

Hello and welcome back to another driving update! This is my 3rd driving update in this series. I’ll link back to my other driving updates / driving related blog posts so that you don’t miss out on them. In this blog post I’m going to go through what I’ve been doing in my driving lessons from the 8th hour to my 12th hour.

Lesson 7 (1 hour)

In today’s driving lesson my instructor took me to a Tesco car park in my local area which isn’t too far from my house. The purpose of this lesson was to practice my clutch control through reverse bay parking, and that’s exactly what we did for the hour. Thankfully we were practicing this in the back end of the car park where it was really quiet. I wasn’t perfect at this manoeuvre every time I carried it out, but I feel like I was definitely getting better with my clutch control because I had to go slow.

Lesson 8 (1 hour)

I had this driving lesson late morning on Friday morning, it was the day after Boxing Day. During this lesson I drove myself to the same Tesco car park and came across a couple of potential hazards along the way, I think I dealt with them ok. Once we got to the car park, we went through the same thing that we did on the previous lesson. I was practicing my clutch control again through the reverse bay parking. I think that this went well and I was definitely improving on my clutch control and the manoeuvre itself. 

The drive home went okay again. However, when we came to traffic lights I stalled because I was bringing my clutch up too fast. When I’m in the flow of the traffic, I tend to panic a bit compared to when it’s quiet around me and I can take my time. This is something I need to work on. 

At the end of the lesson we also went through some theory questions, it was only 5 questions but I got 4 out of 5 on this. I know that I still need to make more time to practice my theory and actually get my theory test booked in at some point. 

Lesson 9 (1 hour)

Since I was still off work, I had my driving lesson on a Friday again but I decided to have it early in the afternoon. In this lesson I was driving round some side roads where the roads were a bit more narrow because of the parked cars. I found this lesson more difficult because the roads were narrower and I don’t think that it was my best lesson. From this lesson, I quickly realised that my positioning isn’t always the best when I’m turning into a main road and I go to wide. I kept hitting the kerb in the same spot and my reactions to meeting traffic weren’t the best either. So many things I need to work on, but I’m hoping I’ll get there with time and experience. 

Lesson 10 (1 hour)

After having two weeks off work, I went back and so I had this lesson in the evening during the week. Again, we were going around the same side streets that we did in the previous lesson. Although I still found this kind of difficult, I definitely feel like I have improved since the previous lesson. At the end of the lesson we also went through some of the show me tell me questions before I drove myself home.

Lesson 11 (1 hour)

I had this lesson in the evening again. In this lesson I drove on the main roads rather than the side road, again we were going around in a loop. I was pretty much just doing left turns at traffic lights and being aware of any hazards whilst driving. I kept stalling at the same traffic lights which frustrated me. I think that I just panic and rush when I know that there are other cars waiting behind me. My positioning wasn’t always the best either and this is something that I definitely need to improve on. I also need to improve on changing gears more smoothly, but I guess that this will come with time and experience. Overall, however, the lesson was okay!

At the point of this blog post I will have had 12 hours worth of driving lessons. This is a lot further than I where I got with my previous instructor and I feel like I’m definitely making some kind of progress. Of course, I have good lessons and bad lessons because it’s not always going to go perfect. At the end of the day, I’m still learning and just proud that I haven’t given up with time!

Thank you for reading my latest driving update. Let me know if you’re liking these updates and if they’re useful! I’d love to hear feedback on these blog posts.


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6 thoughts on “Hours Eight To Eleven | Driving Update 3

  1. I love this series! I had started doing this for when i was learning but just never got round to posting it, and then stopped doing it after my 5th lesson! Sounds like you’re getting on well and i think its always good when you know areas for improvment, i passed my test last week! Good luck with your driving journey x

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