My Blogtober Experience

This year is the first year that I've properly thrown myself into blogtober and I have to say that I've thoroughly enjoyed myself. This is my final blog post for blogtober, and I have to admit that I'm kind of sad about that! Bring on blogmas! First things first, although blogtober has been a fun … Continue reading My Blogtober Experience

My Ride Or Die Makeup Products

Over the past couple of years, I've tried and tested various makeup products from foundations, concealers, powders, mascaras and so on. The majority of the products that I buy are drugstore products, simply because of the fact that they're cheaper and I'm always worried that I'll spend more on higher-end products and not like them! … Continue reading My Ride Or Die Makeup Products

World Mental Health Day

As this post goes live, today is World Mental Health Day. World Mental Health Day is a day for raising awareness of mental health globally and advocating against the stigma surrounding mental health. For each World Mental Health Day there is a different theme, and this year's theme is young people and mental health in … Continue reading World Mental Health Day