Be Kind, Mental Health Matters

In light of recent events, I felt compelled to write a blog post on mental health. Just over a week ago when this blog post goes live, we found out the heartbreaking news that the well known presenter Caroline Flack died by suicide at the age of 40. I couldn’t quite believe it when I … Continue reading Be Kind, Mental Health Matters

Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

"Inhale confidence. Exhale doubt." I'm pretty sure that I've written a blog post on self-confidence in the past on here, so I'll link it here for you to read if I have. However, I felt that it was necessary to write another blog post about it. Now before we get started, don't get me wrong, … Continue reading Inhale Confidence, Exhale Doubt

Guest Post: Body Image and Me

As this week is Mental Health Awareness Week, I decided that I wanted a couple of people to guest post on my blog regarding their experiences with mental health. The theme of this year's Mental Health Awareness Week is that of body image which is incredibly important. On my blog today I have Alanna from … Continue reading Guest Post: Body Image and Me

Hello December

I honestly cannot believe that we are in December, the final month of the year, already. Christmas is quite literally around the corner and it doesn't seem like two minutes since last Christmas! Does anybody else feel the same? I don't feel particularly organised at the moment either! Reflection on November November has been a … Continue reading Hello December

World Mental Health Day

As this post goes live, today is World Mental Health Day. World Mental Health Day is a day for raising awareness of mental health globally and advocating against the stigma surrounding mental health. For each World Mental Health Day there is a different theme, and this year's theme is young people and mental health in … Continue reading World Mental Health Day

It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

It's okay not to be okay. In today's society I feel as though there's a lot of pressure to constantly put on a happy front, even if that isn't how we're truly feeling. Any other emotion, whether that be sadness, anger or frustration, can be seen as a sign of weakness and something that we … Continue reading It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Let’s Discuss Self-Confidence

I have tried getting into this blog post several times - constantly struggling to figure out the right way that I want to introduce this post as well as attempting to gather my thoughts on the topic together. This isn't easy for me to get into, but I feel as though it's an important blog … Continue reading Let’s Discuss Self-Confidence

Getting Rid of Toxic People

Toxic people have negative impacts on our lives, they can cause us unnecessary stress, maybe without even realising that they’re doing so. The bottom line is, with a toxic person in your life, it can really take a toll on your mental health which isn’t good for anybody. Sometimes you don’t even realise how toxic … Continue reading Getting Rid of Toxic People